Saturday, January 30, 2016

The point of this blog

For several years, I had a blog where I posted a little bit of everything.  I then started a second blog to focus more on writing.  But then, I discovered these sites where you posted things just like a blog, but where you got paid when people viewed them.  So I started writing more and more on those sites, and less and less on my blogs.

But then about two years ago, I started a new blog about writing, Oneoveralpha’s Writings.  As you can guess, my posts there deal more with writing.  For the random things that happened, I saved those for these paid to post sites.  Unfortunately, in the past year five or six of these sites have gone belly-up, many of which without paying out what little money I had earned.  The latest of this is Persona Paper, which just announced that they will be closing.  Whether I receive the little they owe me or not, remains to be seen.  I still write at myLot, but I am rather gun-shy about these kinds of sites right now.  So I’ve decided to go back to blogging.  I haven’t posted on my old, general blogging site for a year or more, so I decided to start a new one.  What will I be posting here?  Well, a bunch of movie reviews.  I had just started a Movie Monday series on Persona Paper where I reviewed various movies, and I have a six or seven prewritten.  There’s no point in them going to waste.  But I’m sure other stuff will come up.