Monday, November 21, 2016

Thoughts on a Trump presidency

I expect it to be rather short, as in, I expect him to do something that will get him impeached.  But why would a Republican congress impeach him you ask?  Well, the Republican congress is made up of Republican politicians.  Would they have an easier time dealing with a fellow Republican politician in the White House like Pence, or a diva?  And if Trump starts doing things that make the Republican brand look bad, what do they have to lose?  But what about the anger of all the Trump supporters you ask?  Well, once Trump is gone they could repeal Obamacare, build a wall, do all the campaign promises Trump made that were just hot air.  Again, what do the members of the Republican congress have to lose?

Of course, a Trump impeachment worries me.  I think the thing that may save us from Trump's insanity is his incompetence.  I half expect congress to pass a bill declaring war on Iran and Trump will just leave it on the Oval Office desk expecting some flunky to take care of it for him while he goes golfing.  Yay?

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