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Orphan Black Season 5 recap – “Let the Children & the Childbearers Toil”

“Let the Children & the Childbearers Toil”


Susan wakes up in a hospital bed.  Westmoreland is there saying they treated her with some of their stuff that will heal her right up.  She asks why she isn’t dead, since he turned Rachel against her.  Westmoreland answers that he needs her.

Charlotte and Aisha go looking for a missing pig.  They find it injured in the woods, along with some table scraps.  Charlotte also finds a tooth.  Mud shows up and tells them they shouldn’t be there and takes them back to the village.  As they go, they hear odd noises behind them.

Sarah is trying to talk with Kira, but Kira keeps sidestepping things.  Then Sarah finds a cut on Kira’s upper arm.  At first she thinks Rachel did it, but Kira finally admits that she cut herself to see how fast she healed.  Mrs. S. tells Felix to take her to school, and to pick her up and take her to his place for a sleepover.  She also says that someone will come visit.  Mrs. S. then takes Sarah to the comic shop.

Westmoreland talks to Susan about her greenhouse – where he let everything die – and she mentions that he never gets his hands dirty, just his mind.  She also says that she can never forgive him.  Mud then brings in Ira.

Scott and Hell Wizard have been searching for Westmoreland, and they come across some of his old books.  He was one of the original eugenicists.  He apparently disappeared in Borneo in 1894.  Hell Wizard also tells Mrs. S. that he broke into someone’s email, and they have to move today.

Mrs. S. takes Sarah to a hotel bar.  Sarah asks who their mark is, and sees a woman on a laptop.  Mrs. S. tells her that’s Dr. Elizabeth Perkins, who has issues with her daughter, and that they need her ID.  Sarah starts an argument with Mrs. S., but that’s a distraction.  She splashes Mrs. S. with her drink, and while Elizabeth is helping her, Sarah grabs her wallet.  Mrs. S. goes to go after her, but Elizabeth stops her to talk to her about her daughter.

Charlotte shows Cosima the tooth.  Mud told them – and everyone – that there’s a bear in the woods.  But Cosima says it looks human.  She goes to talk to Mud about the “bear,” but Mud who keeps insisting that it’s a bear.  Cosima wonders if there’s some Dr. Moreau thing going on.  Mud breaks enough to say it’s not his fault, but then goes back to her bear story.

Elizabeth is a psychologist, and she and Mrs. S. talk about mothers and daughters, and how she’s in town to do a case study for her book on trauma.  Sarah returns and slips the wallet back on the table, and she and Mrs. S. leave.  The real Elizabeth is expected at a psychiatric facility tomorrow, but Mrs. S. will play her tonight when her “assistant” Sarah screwed up the appointment.  They’re to meet a patient “Alex Ripley” a high-level neolution defector.  Sarah wonders how Mrs. S. got this info.

Along the way, they stop at the convent Helena is at.  There was a nun who was kind to Helena in Ukraine, so they cut her tongue out.  She’s helping Helena now.  Helena tells Sarah she’s writing her memories.  They talk about Kira and the Sestra connection. 

Adele shows back up at Felix’s.  Apparently, Mrs. S. told her the whole clone thing, which Adele is okay with.  Turns out, she was disbarred for embezzlement.  She’s good at finding money, not so good at taking it.  Mrs. S. wants them to go to Switzerland, to see if they can track Westmoreland’s finances. 

Susan tells Ira that years ago, Westmoreland took another path.  He chose a scientist who would do the things Susan wouldn’t. 

Cosima follows Mud, who is going for a walk.  She overhears the hunter who chased Sarah asking Mud, “Where he hides.” Mud slips out of the camp, and Cosima follows.  Cosima follows Mud to Westmoreland’s house, where Mud is helping him with dialysis, or something like that.  She goes downstairs and finds a “dungeon” lab with shackles and blood on the walls. 

Mrs. S. and Sarah shows up at the facility and talk their way in.  They’re given badges, but not allowed to talk to any of the patients.  They find “Alex,” who turns out to be Virginia, the former head of Castor. 

Virginia wants out of the facility, and then she’ll talk.  Mrs. S. and Sarah say talk first.  She says that Susan was the one who put her there, to keep her from Westmoreland.  She tells them that before they found Kendell, they found their first human subject, a boy with a unique genome.  They did horrifying tests on him, and he grew tumors, had brain damage, and became deformed.  Susan wanted to stop, but Virginia was made of sterner stuff.

Mud finds Cosima and tells her she can’t be there, and rushes her out of the house.  Later, Cosima follows Mud as she takes some coats to the disfigured man in the woods.

The facility’s head doctor shows up, and Virginia attacks Sarah and grabs her badge before she’s restrained.

Susan has apparently told Ira the same story, and about Virginia.  She then talks with Westmoreland and his breakthrough with Kira’s anomaly.  She demands access to all the data, and he gives it to her, with the understanding that Rachel is still in control.


So this kid was experiment on like twenty years ago?  Why is there still blood on the walls and photographs of his wounds?  Doesn’t anyone clean up?

How did Mud find the guy in the woods, and convince him that she was nice?

I’ve wondered what is it about Sarah and Helena that makes them different from the other clones, in that they can have kids and are apparently immune.  What role does any of that play in the Kira anomaly?

The next episode will be halfway through the final season, and there are a lot of still unresolved questions.  I wonder if all will be answered, or if there will be a few left unanswered to be answered in books, comic books, or perhaps even a miniseries or movie.  We’ll just have to wait and see.


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