Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Introducing Possible Futures

I primarily write science fiction.  Sometimes my stories are of starships warping off to meet aliens, but often my stories are set closer to home: maybe a few decades or a century from now.  I’m always thinking about how current technology will change in the next few decades.  This can lead to story ideas, or it can just be a fun way to pass the time.  So I have a bunch of random ideas of what we may have in the future.  Few of these can be the foundation of a story, although a few can fit in as part of “world building.”

Well, a couple of years ago I decided to write up some of these ideas on a website I wrote on.  Part of it was because I earned points for views which – if the site had lasted – I could have turned into actual money.  So you needed to have interesting articles that people would take an interest in reading.  But the main reason is that I feel we don’t spend enough time thinking of the future.  Regardless of how we feel about the matter, The Future is Coming. (That’s the title of my Kindle book of essays about science fiction elements that – I feel – will soon be science facts.)

I wrote a few articles on that site, then it died.  Some months went by and then I looked over these articles I had saved, and I wondered if I could get an ebook out of them.  What I figured I’d do was have short articles on these ideas, mixed in with short stories, and maybe just some random thoughts.  The title I came up with was “Possible Futures: short stories, essays, and random thoughts on life in the coming centuries.” So I had a title, I had the handful of posts I had written along with ideas for several more and … that folder just sat on my computer for months and I didn’t do anything with it. 

Because of life and other projects, my blogging pretty much fizzled out in 2016.  As the year is ending, I’ve been thinking of what I should be doing, and I figured since I already have a few articles, I could just revise them and post them here.  Hopefully, that will get me to finish more posts and maybe someday I will get around to publishing an ebook of possible futures.  I’m setting a goal of trying for at least one post a month, but we’ll see how that goes.

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