Monday, December 5, 2016

My thoughts on how NASA will go back to the moon

A lot of people are wondering what will happen to NASA under Trump.  But I think Trump's impact on NASA's human spaceflight will be minimal, since I think it is highly likely that Trump's term in office will comprise of a lot of scandals that will eventually lead to him being impeached, probably within the first year.

I don't see Pence as big on space, but since Obama wanted NASA to go to Mars, the Republicans will most likely redirect it to the moon.  To be fair, I've read that part of why Obama wanted to go to Mars was because Bush wanted to return to the moon.


Somewhat related to all of this is the idea I came up with about a year ago that Congress would support NASA's Mars mission right up to when China landed on the moon.  They would then blame NASA for letting China "beat" them there.

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