Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Thoughts on Peegate

I got home late from work last night and I did a quick check on Facebook and saw some post about Trump and peeing on a bed, but I didn't pay it any attention.  I then went and watched YouTube videos for an hour or so.  When I checked Facebook again later, I saw more posts about Trump having a Russian prostitute piss on a bed for some reason and Russian intelligence has video of it.  That's about all the "facts" I know about the story.  Of course, 99% of what's online about this is people making fun of Trump.  So here are my thoughts on that.

My view is that whatever sexual or sexual-like activities people engage in, as long as it's between consenting adults, I don't care.  So if Trump likes watching women pee, whatever.  A gray area for me is the prostitute.  While some prostitutes enjoy their work and do it of their own free will, others not so much.  And whether this activity is blackmail worthy, centers more around the prostitute gray area.

As to people making fun of Trump for this.  Well, if during the election some "reliable" sources came forward saying that they knew that Hillary liked being tied to a bed and tickled with a feather (sorry for putting that image in your head) you know Trump would have had a field day with that.  It would be half of his speeches and every answer would start with it as in, "What will you do about Kim Jong-un?" "Well, I'm not going to tie him to a bed and tickle him, that's for sure." (Again, sorry for putting that image in your head.) And you know his supporters would show up at her events with large feathers, and then some people who didn't entirely grasp the concept would wonder if that's where French ticklers came in, which would just mutate the story in an even weirder direction. 

In the end, it leaves us in a case of "Have done unto you what you would have done to others" kind of situation. So let your Trump jokes flow.  Besides, getting pissed on can't be worse than the eight years of Obama being a secret, gay, Muslim, Kenyan, who enjoyed aborted fetus smoothies. 

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