Friday, February 5, 2016

Introducing Movie Mondays

For the past couple of years, I’ve written on several paid to write sites, most of which have gone belly-up.  I’ve reviewed movies a few times on these sites.  Unfortunately, I’ve lost most of these reviews because I didn’t back them up and I had no warning when the sites closed. 

I did a couple of reviews last summer on Persona Paper, but other things came up ending my plans to do more.  But with the New Year I decided I would try to up my output.  I was doing a Wednesday Writing Prompt as well as a Friday Poll.  I wanted some other series I could do on Mondays, and I came up with Movie Mondays where I’d write up a quick review of some movie.  Given how I had time issues when I tried doing that before, I knew that instead of starting immediately, I should prewrite a few reviews to give me a buffer.  I was all set to start on February 1, but a couple of days before then Persona Paper announced that they would be closing.

So I had half-a-dozen or so movie reviews already written with a couple other movies already watched, as well as two old reviews on Persona Paper I was able to backup.  Since I’ve restarted my Wednesday Writing Prompt on my Oneoveralpha’s Writings Blog, and my Friday Polls on my one Twitter account, it seemed normal for me to start Movie Mondays here.  Starting next Monday I’m going to revise and repost the couple old reviews from Persona Paper, and then I’ll do the ones I’ve prewritten.  That should take me up to April, and we’ll just see how it goes from there.

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