Monday, February 8, 2016

Movie Mondays – The Room (2003)

(This is a revised version of a Persona Paper post.)

It’s almost a law that if you review movies on the internet, at some point you have to talk about The Room.  So here are my quick thoughts to get it out of the way.


The premise of the story is that there’s this guy named Johnny.  His fiancée Lisa realizes she doesn’t love him any more so she starts having an affair with his best friend Mark.  When Johnny finds out, he feels betrayed by everyone and kills himself.

That’s a threadbare premise, and in the hands of skilled screenwriters, directors, and actors, it would probably be a pretty forgettable movie.  But the writing, the acting, the editing, and everything in The Room is just so bad.  For a little bigger taste than you get from the trailer, here’s the somewhat famous flower shop scene.  Now just imagine that for 90 some minutes.

There are several movie reviewers I follow and I think all of them have either reviewed The Room or discussed it while talking about other bad movies.  So I had some idea of what I was getting myself into, but I still had to pause the movie at several points to regain my strength.  I think the best way to enjoy The Room (that was weird typing those words in that order) is to suffer through it by yourself and then show it to a friend who hasn’t seen it so you can laugh while they suffer.  Really, the only reason to watch The Room – if you’re not a film student watching it to see how not to make a movie – is just to be in on the joke.

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