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Orphan Black Season 5 recap – “Beneath Her Heart”

“Beneath Her Heart”


Just before the series starts, Alison and Donnie are having dinner with Aynsley and Chad.  Alison is a little off because Beth has just told her about clones.  Aynsley and Chad bring out some mushrooms, and Alison agrees, although Donnie doesn’t.  While tripping, Cosima – sent by Beth to give Alison a wake up to the whole clone issue – shows up.

Donnie is back home, but won’t tell Simon where Helena is.  Alison is acting tough, but Simon talks of her vapid existence and how MK had more value than her.

Everyone holds a memorial for MK at Felix’s.  Mrs. S. then takes Kira to Dyad, and leaves Sarah and Felix to chill.  So he decides to paint her.

While going through her cabinets, Alison finds an old bottle of pills.  There’s a church fair going on that day, and at first she doesn’t want to go, but then she decides to go.  She leaves, leaving Donnie to get ready.  She had organized fairs past, but since she had been hiding in the woods, it had gone to this other lady.

Alison tries to “help,” but the other lady isn’t buying it.  Alison goes off and takes some pills.  She dumps the rest into a bottle of juice, and goes to give it to the lady, but then the Reverend shows up and Alison takes the drink back, saying it had been in her car for months.

Simon shows Rachel Helena’s sonogram pictures showing her baby rapidly healed.  To try to push Donnie into revealing where Helena went, Simon sends in Maddy.  They show up at the Hendrix house with a search warrant for anything dealing with the Pouchie murder. 

After some bad looks from her neighbors, Alison finds a memorial to Aynsley.  And then Chad shows up with his kids. 

Art asks Donnie if there’s a problem, and Donnie says to just keep them out of the garage.  Art latter sees Maddy going into the garage to plant some bloody clothes.  But she sees the new cement and wonders if there’s something buried.  She gets a jackhammer, and goes to town.

At Dyad, Rachel tells Kira that her healing may be something in her genes.  She also gives her a mouse that can slip out of its skin when attacked by predators. 

Alison walks around the fair and sees Ramone setting up bouncy castles.  She confronts him over the unpaid merchandise, and he says that it was Kellerman who took advantage of them.  They drink and smoke and talk.

Donnie shows up at the fair to find Alison high.  He tells her about the police searching their home.  They argue about the people they killed.  She storms off and he’s left with her purse.

Donnie calls Sarah about Art, and then he finds the dosed drink.  He drinks it, and then goes dancing in the talent show.  He passes out and collapses, and Alison and Felix – saying he had a medical condition – help him offstage.  Alison yells at the muttering crowd that, yes she sold drugs, but they bought them.

Kira is home with her mouse, but she doesn’t want to talk to Mrs. S. about anything.  She then takes out a knife.

Art’s digging up the garage when Sarah shows up.  He goes out to talk to her and asks who is in there, wondering if it’s Duko.  But she explains it’s Leakie and Rudy.  Sarah calls Felix and Alison – Donnie is puking – and they try to figure out what to do.  Rachel loved Leakie, and would probably get upset knowing Donnie killed him.  Donnie offers to tell them where Helena is, but Alison has a plan.

Alison goes to Rachel and gives her Leakie’s head.  She tells her what happened, but if she really wanted to bring the police in, then it would just bring attention to them and that’s not what Westmoreland wants.  Rachel calls Maddy – who has just found the headless corpse of Leakie – and tells her to dispose of the bodies and return the garage to normal.  During the call, Art was behind her and had drawn his gun.

Back home with Donnie, Alison says she needs to go away.  She wants to see their kids, and do … something.

At the end, we see Helena in a convent, somewhere.


What is Mrs. S. and Delphine up to?  At one point she tells Sarah that “they’re not without allies,” and she tells Felix and Sarah to lay low that day.  Was something afoot she didn’t want them to stumble into?

In the promo we saw Kira getting a knife.  At first I thought she would cut herself to see how fast she healed, but now I worry she’ll attack the mouse to see it slip out of its skin.  Given her “lab rats” speech from the end of last season, that’s seems like something Rachel would do.

I’ve always considered Alison an okay character, so I won’t be mad if she’s out of the picture for a few episodes.  This is probably like when Kira went to Iceland with Cal, a way to logically get some characters out of the way to focus more on others. 

I wonder, did Maddy rent a jackhammer, or had Donnie actually bought one as he joked when they dug up Leakie for the first time?  What are the odds that there will be another body in the garage by the end of the series?


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