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Orphan Black Season 5 recap – “Clutch of Greed”

“Clutch of Greed”

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Sarah wakes up at Dyad from a vision of Kira.  Ferdinand is there saying Rachel wants to talk.  He then shows her video calls from Alison and Cosima who tell Sarah that things are … okay.

Sarah meets with Rachel who wants her help with taking Kira in for occasional testing.  Sarah isn’t happy with that.  Rachel says that she and Westmoreland want an end to the “war.” Mrs. S. and Kira are brought in, who tell Sarah that, basically, they don’t have a choice. 

Alison is at home, but Maddy won’t let her go until they find Helena.  Art is stuck with her.

Helena is in the hospital and doing fine.  They took out the branch, which injured one of her babies.  But when they do an ultrasound to see how things are before proceeding, the injury is gone.

In Revival, Cosima and Charlotte are eating when they see Aisha, the girl from Afghanistan that Delphine told Cosima about.  So she introduces herself and examines her.  She finds out the girl has some type of cancer.  Then the Messenger comes in and tells her that Westmoreland wants to see her.

Sarah, Kira, and Mrs. S. go home to Mrs. S’s, and Felix is there.  They then tell Sarah that they’re working on a plan to get away from Rachel.  But first, Kira has to go to school, with the understanding that Rachel will pick her up for her first Dyad visit.  The house is being watched, but Felix sneaks out to set things up. 

Felix goes to the comic shop to try to get Ira on their side against Rachel.  Since Rachel stabbed Susan, he’s fine with that.  Scott has new phones, and he tells Felix that they found MK.  She’s at Felix’s.  He goes home and then webcams with Sarah.  MK tells her that she’s been sick.  She also tells her that she’s been watching Dyad, who is recruiting subjects so they can restart cloning.  Since Rachel’s people are watching Mrs. S’s, people, MK – who’s been hiding for a long time – offers to help get Sarah and Kira away. 

Mud walks Cosima to Westmoreland’s, saying that she talks with him all the time.  Cosima asks who she is, but Mud doesn’t answer.  Cosima goes into Westmoreland’s study, which has a lot of old specimens and antiques.  There’s a picture of him with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle from 1894.  Westmoreland comes in and he looks like a seventy year old.

Westmoreland tells Cosima that her test results are good, and it appears that her cure is underway.  Westmoreland offers to let her continue working, after she cures the Leda sisters.  Cosima asks what the point of it all is.  He tells her she’ll have full access to the lab, and maybe someday she’ll figure it all out.

Helena – worried that the doctors will take her babies because they healed, like Kira did after getting hit by a car – assaults the doctor and escapes.  Before that, she told Donnie where she was going, but that he was to only tell Sarah.

Rachel – because of her meeting with Westmoreland – is now, a little neo-hippie, which doesn’t suit Ferdinand.  But they leave to pick up Kira.  Sarah and gang also set out to pick up Kira.  But if they go through MK’s plan, they can never come back.

Sarah – dressed as Rachel – goes to the school and gets Kira out of class.  She then lets Rachel’s men follow her, while she passes Kira off to Mrs. S.  They get away, but then Felix tells Sarah that MK is still at his place.  She goes to get her, and Ferdinand – who had split off from Rachel – sees and follows her.

Sarah finds MK, who is tired of running.  MK changes clothes with Sarah, and stays while Sarah goes to be with Kira.  Before she goes, MK tells Sarah that Westmoreland’s story doesn’t add up.  She tried tracking him online, but he’s hard to trace.  Ferdinand breaks in, and since MK is the last Leda clone from Helsinki, she stole his money, and is now dressed like Rachel, he almost gleefully kills her.

Sarah is trying to get Kira into a van to go away, but Kira can no longer feel MK, and knows that she’s dead.  She doesn’t want to go away, and instead wants to stay to work with Rachel to figure out what she is.

Rachel asks Simon (Mr. Frontenac) to see to MK’s body and to show Ferdinand out. Kira goes off with Rachel for her first Dyad visit, and Ira is sent to the island.

That night, Mrs. S. hears a knock on the door.  It’s Delphine.  Sarah can’t know that she’s there, but she needs to tell Mrs. S. something.


I think the last Leda clone to die was Jennifer, the one Delphine and Cosima autopsied in Season 2.  Which makes me angry to think that MK was killed off just to raise the level of tension for the last season.  I mean, if they wanted to do that, why not just kill Krystal?  My favorite clones are Cosima, Helena, MK, Rachel (you need a good villain), all the rest, then Krystal.  As far as I’m concerned, killing MK is the worst point in the series.

Given how Ferdinand felt about Neos at the end of Season Three, and how we never got a definitive answer on how he felt about Rachel signing on with the Neos at the end of Season Four, I did wonder if maybe he was going to side with Sarah.  He was a fun and interesting character, but after killing MK, he needs to die.  I mean, yes, Helena killed a bunch of he sisters, but now everything’s cool, but Ferdinand isn’t blood, so I don’t see any reconciliation coming.

I wonder if Mud is Westmoreland’s daughter.  Maybe she’s fifty, or something.  We’ll see.

I wasn’t entirely sure about this 170 year old character, but after seeing him I’m cautiously optimistic. 

Something to keep in mind about Westmoreland are the beheaded swan visions he gave to Rachel.  What exactly was the point?  And why didn’t he just meet and talk things over with her?  I wonder if that will be addressed.


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