Thursday, June 8, 2017

Orphan Black Season 5

So the last season of Orphan Black starts Saturday.  As with the previous seasons I’ll do episode recaps/reviews, which I’ll try to get up in a couple of days.  With previous seasons I often rewatched the series before the new season started, but this year I’m short on time, so I just rewatched the last two episodes of season four to catch me up to what’s going on.  My plan is that once the season is over, then I’ll go back and rewatch the entire series and write up an overall review for the series. 

Like everyone else, I’m curious about Westmoreland.  Whatever he is will either be a fascinating puzzle piece for this world, or it will jump the clone.  I’m hoping for the best.  But other questions I have – which it feels like I’m the only one with them – deal with some of the minor characters.  What happened with Cal?  Mark and Gracie?  Shay?  Vic?  Angie?  Jesse?  Marion?  Tony?  MK?  Will we see any of these again?  I have a feeling that the series will end either with a montage of various Leda clones going about their lives, or a montage of cloning going public and unaware clones and many of these people reacting.  That would be the traditional way to end something like this, so hopefully they do something … more.

The other big question I still have is Kira.  Way back in the season one Kira goes to the hospital after getting hit by a car.  The doctor sees something, and Kira is just fine.  What happened?  Is it related to her psychic sensing that really picked up in Season 4?  Will we get answers to those questions?  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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