Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Orphan Black Season 4 recap – “The Redesign of Natural Objects”

“The Redesign of Natural Objects”


Donnie is trying to act tough in his first day in jail.  But he’s is approached by this big, neolution guy who will be watching him.

Rachel and Ira are discussing her swan, as well as what to do about Susan giving up on Leda.  She says that they’ll have to do something if they want to live.  He points out that passion let her stand and speak without problem.

Sarah and Cosima are talking over their troubles when MK makes contact again through Kira’s game.  Sarah is a bit upset by that.  MK has hacked Evie and shows them the videoconference she had with Susan and Rachel and the part where she says Sarah and her sisters are a threat.  Cosima asks MK to set up a video call with Susan.

Alison goes to visit Donnie.  He needs a lawyer, but all they have is Adele who is suspended for being drunk in court.  She shows up to the jail – a bit drunk – and is a bit confused until Felix explains that Alison and Sarah are twins.  Adele then shows some competency with legal issues.  While Alison and Donnie are talking, the neolution guy comes in and Donnie points him out to Alison, saying he won’t make it to the bail hearing.

Susan is cutting up frogs or whatever with Charlotte as a hobby.  Rachel and Ira come in demanding she start work on a cure.

MK sets up a call between Sarah and Susan.  Sarah sets some ground rules, then turns it over to Cosima.  During this, Kira sees Mrs. S. getting her gun.  She goes and tells Sarah.

Sarah calls Art and they try to find Mrs. S. before she kills Duko.  She follows him and is about to shoot him when she sees Alison show up.  Duko wants to know where Sarah is.  Mrs. S. realizes that they’ll try to use Alison to get to all of them. 

Cosima talks to Susan and sends her the few lab notes they still have.  Scott doesn’t like Rachel after what she did last season, so they demand that only Susan work with them. 

Alison goes to rehearsals for Jesus Christ Superstar that they’ll putting on at the church.  She’s a little flustered and the Reverend talks to her a bit.  She calls Felix – who is being prompted by Sarah and Mrs. S. to talk to her and find out what Duko is doing – and asks him to come to the rehearsal as moral support.

Cosima, Scott, and Susan are talking about all that they’ve done, even using Kira’s cells.  But Cosima points out that Kira is only half-Leda, so there is limited use there.  That’s when she gets an idea.  If they fertilized a Leda egg with Castor sperm, they could recreate Kendall’s biology and have embryonic stem cells which they could use to make a cure.

MK calls Sarah with information she’s found on Duko.  There are a lot of shady things he’s covered-up for BrightBorn, and he’s been paid well for that.  She sends all the data, and afterwards we find that the reason she went back to them is that she has started coughing up blood.

Rachel has more visions of the swan, as well as some of an old man. 

Alison is worked up at rehearsal and finds a small bottle of vodka in her makeup case.  She’s saved by Felix showing up.  They talk, and it seems as if she just wants to know where Sarah is so she can pass it off to Duko.

Duko shows up and puts in a call to his guy in prison who has Donnie held down.  If Alison doesn’t give Duko the information, Donnie will get shanked.  Alison tells Duko that Sarah will be at the Rabbit Hole that night.

Duko watches the Rabbit Hole, and Sarah eventually shows up.  He goes in and roughs up Hell Wizard, but then Art, Mrs. S., and Sarah reveal themselves and that it was all a trap.  They get Duko to call off his prison goon – who had been beating up Donnie – and they pass the word to Felix to relays it to Alison during her rehearsal.

They tie Duko up and Art and Sarah leave.  Mrs. S. starts torturing Duko to find out what Evie’s plans are.  He tells her that Evie is taking the maggotbot program to the world; the true purpose of which he doesn’t know because that’s not his end of things.  He also says that he did what he did for his niece.  Once she has all the info, Mrs. S. shoots him.

Cosima explains to Sarah about making embryonic stem cells, and at first she isn’t thrilled with the idea.  But she does donate some eggs and Cosima takes them to Susan’s island.  Rachel wants to go help Sarah stop Evie.  She even has a vision of a swan’s head.


I’m assuming that, with MK’s help, they’ll take all of Duko’s money and set up some trust for his niece. 

I was right that Mrs. S. would just shoot Duko for killing her mum.  I was wrong that Art would have a problem with it. 

I’m wondering what Rachel’s … game is.  I almost want to suggest that she wants to hand Sarah over to Evie as a way to get back into Dyad and all that, but I doubt Evie would honor such a deal.  And Rachel should understand that.  Unless their hostility is all an act?  The other possibilities are that Rachel figures whoever Sarah’s tech person is, they might be good enough to track down her swan visions, or she has figured something out about the visions and just needs to get off the island.  I guess we’ll just have to wait to see what shoe drops.

The other question I have is if Susan is as she’s being portrayed.  At the end of Season Two, Nealon was going to get some of Sarah’s eggs.  At the end of Season Three, we learn that he was working for Susan.  Susan has Ira for the Castor sperm, and she’s rather smart, so could she have been trying to remake the original biology without Kendall?  That’s another shoe we’ll have to wait to see drop.

There are only two more episodes this season.  As with the previous seasons, I have no idea where it’s going.  Part of why this is one of my favorite shows right now.

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