Monday, June 6, 2016

Movie Monday – Short film “The Butcher” (2011)

(This isn’t the trailer, it’s the whole movie.)


A prisoner wearing a mask is at his parole hearing.  They say he can remove the mask, and he does and they are shocked.  They then tell him he can put the mask back on.  He is in prison for killing a bunch of people, but because he works in the prison garden and due to overcrowding, he is released.

Still wearing the mask, he gets a job in some office.  He tries to fit in, even trying to work up the courage to talk to a cute girl on a park bench. 

But after his boss sees him pretending to stab people, he’s fired.  He gets a bit angry and wants to go back to his old ways.  Grabbing a butcher’s knife he stands outside watching the girl from the park. 

But then he gets a job at a butcher shop – the owner saying he’s a natural – and one of his first customers is the girl from the park.


The film is labeled a comedy, but it’s not a laugh out loud kind.  I was expecting more of a dark comedy type of thing comparing the brutality of this serial killer with that of an office job.  So I was a bit disappointed when it didn’t go that way.

According to the description on YouTube, this was written, shot, and edited in a week.  So this is more than I could have done in a week, but I think I’d prefer the two week version.

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