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Orphan Black Season 4 recap – “The Antisocialism of Sex”

“The Antisocialism of Sex”


We open with Rachel working on walking.  The door to her room/cell unlocks.  She goes out and goes up a flight of stairs to a nice house and an old book.  Susan is there and she explains the secret history of neolution.  Percival Westmoreland – a Victorian industrialist – started neolution to breed a better human.  Susan built upon his work – and his home on an island – but now that Kendall is dead and Evie has taken over, there’s nothing left for her.  Rachel is upset that Susan gives up so easily.

Sarah is distraught over what has happened.  She and Mrs. S. have an argument and Sarah leaves “for good.”

Scott tries to tell Cosima it isn’t her fault, but Cosima doesn’t want to listen.  With Hell Wizard, Scott tries to salvage anything from their computers.  Cosima gets a bit testy with them, but then reveals that she stole Sarah’s maggotbot, and Scott wonders if they can dig something out of it.

Felix is talking with Mrs. S. when Kira comes in.  He learns that Sarah had left, but he goes out to find her and bring her back because she’s “the glue” holding them all together.

Sarah starts hitting the bars to get drunk.  At times, she catches a glimpse of Beth watching her.  Sarah bumps into Dizzy at a bar, but then she catches the eyes of a couple.  They invite Sarah into a back room for drugs and sex.  Felix comes in looking for Sarah, and he and Dizzy – who don’t know each other – talk for a bit and Dizzy learns Sarah has a brother and a daughter.

Mrs. S. talks to Art and they figure Duko killed Kendall, as well as put Beth onto Susan.  Art later tricks Duko into meeting him, and starts beating the crap out of him.  Art says that they can bring Evie and everything out in the public.  Duko counters that Art has secrets of his own, such as the Maggie Chen shooting and hanging out with drug dealers.  If he tries to take down Evie, they’ll take him down as well.

Evie meets with her doctor and we learn that she has shingles, and that the new maggotbots – which have just won approval for public use – will come out next week.  She’ll get one of the first ones to finally cure her.  Evie and her group have a call with Susan and Rachel to mark the complete takeover of neolution by Evie.  The monitoring of the clones will end, and the unaware clones will go their own way.  The self-aware clones, however, Evie considers a threat.

Rachel tells Charlotte that they are both sick and dying.  Charlotte doesn’t seem that concerned.

When Sarah and the couple come back, a fight starts with Dizzy.  She then suggests going back to his place.  They start to fool around, but he doesn’t seem that interested.  He discovers that her maggotbot is gone.  He asks how she managed that, and that he had a friend who had one who died.  This is the buried guy MK tipped Beth off to.  But Sarah doesn’t want to talk about any of that and ends up leaving.

Alison is really upset over Kendall.  Donnie proposes to postpone their daughter’s birthday party, but Alison won’t hear of it.  Donnie also invites the reverend over in case Alison needs to talk to someone.  She doesn’t want to talk.  During the party, cops come in and arrest Donnie for drugs.  Then Duko comes in and gives Alison his card so that they can “stay in touch.”

Kira gets a vibe that Sarah is “following Beth.” Sarah walks to a bridge over the train tracks and has a conversation with Beth.  Sarah thinks about jumping.

Cosima and Scott are talking about Sarah’s maggotbot, and Cosima suggests implanting it in herself because it was randomly turning off genes and maybe it could cure her.  Scott thinks that’s nuts.  They go up to the comic store to eat, but Cosima says she forgot something and goes back down and locks herself in.  She takes the bot, and makes a cut in her cheek to implant it.

Mrs. S. calls Felix about Sarah following Beth.  Scott then calls Felix about Cosima.  Felix calls Cosima and tells her that Krystal saw Delphine get shot, but she also saw someone else pick her up.  Cosima puts down the bot.

Felix spots Sarah on the bridge and goes to her.  Beth tells her that there’s more than biology between them, and to bring them together.  Beth disappears and Sarah goes back home with Felix.  She and Mrs. S. start coming back together.

Kira is playing a video game when she gets a call from MK.

Rachel trips going down the stairs and sees a swan.  Ira helps her up, and figures she just bumped her head.  But the swan – that looks as if it’s just floating in midair – glitches a bit, so it’s apparently just a projection in her bionic eye.


Will Art – for his love of Beth – fall on his sword for the sisters?  Will he accept all the consequences if it means they take down Evie?  Would such an act just echo, or be repetitive to what Paul did for Sarah last season?

I saw a review that wondered if Dizzy had a maggotbot and body modifications, and I was unsure about that.  But rewatching the episode and seeing his apparent disinterest in sex, makes me think there may be something to that.

Orphan Black has a history of characters faking their deaths: Ethan, Susan, MK, Sarah.  Leekie even “died” of a heart attack while he was being shot in the head, and Rachel “died” in a plane crash.  I bring this up because the only evidence we have of Marion’s death is MK has a file of it and Susan mentions something about Charlotte have bad luck with monitors.  I wonder if Marion faked her death to be out of sight of Evie to work on an anti-Evie group?  Is Ferdinand part of it?  Are they the ones who picked up Delphine?

Speaking of Delphine, I can’t remember when I first had this idea, but before she was shot she visited Shay and gave her a card to give to Cosima letting her know she could trust Shay with everything.  I wonder if there’s a microdot or something on the card giving Cosima access to a hidden server, or something.  I was expecting Shay to play some role this season, and I’m rather surprised we haven’t seen her.  Yet.  I’m sure at some point this loose thread will be tied off.

The only evidence we have that Sarah’s bot was switching off genes is Evie, someone whose word is not to be trusted.  I wondered if she just said that to maybe trick Cosima into implanting it, but that seems too complex.  I did wonder why Evie hadn’t noticed that Cosima took Sarah’s maggotbot, but did she just switch it with Leekie’s?  I may have to rewatch that scene.

I’m still waiting for the non-mystic explanation for Kira.  I hope I don’t have to wait for too long.

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