Monday, June 13, 2016

Movie Monday – Short film “Abe” (2013)

(This isn’t the trailer, it’s the whole movie.)


“Abe” starts with a woman gagged and tied to a gurney in an abandoned factory with bloody plastic around her.  Then a robot walks in.  He talks about how he was built to love, and he loved his family.  But they stopped loving him.  So he tried to fix them, but it didn’t work.  All he wants is to be loved, but he can tell by the way the woman looks at him, she doesn’t love him.  So he’ll have to fix her.  He then picks up a saw and we hear screaming.

We then see the robot creepily watching another woman and wishing he could stop falling in love.


When Abe first shows up, he asks the woman if she’s comfortable.  My first thought was he had lost his family and was trying to make a new one.  Then he starts talking about human instinct for survival and stuff and I got a little bored.  But then what he was saying started sinking in, and it started getting darker and darker.  A robot with, bad programming, sawing people apart just because he wanted to be loved could be done bad in so many ways.  But “Abe” nails the creepy, disturbing aspects of a robot serial killer.

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