Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Orphan Black Season 4 Overview

So I rewatched Season Four of Orphan Black.  It was a couple of weeks ago, but stuff kept coming up and I’m only now getting my thoughts down.  But here it goes.

Are Kira’s … feelings related to Rachel’s visions?  I mean, are they things Westmoreland, or someone else, is sending to her and she’s receiving through some funky biological way?  Part of this is related to one thing that has always bugged me in the show, and that is the synthetic sequences in their DNA.  I believe Ethan said that they made cloning possible.  I’m not a biologists, but I don’t think that’s how cloning works.  Which makes me wonder if these synthetic sequences are just something that Westmoreland had Ethan insert for … reasons.  This might explain why Sarah and Helena can have kids.  If there needed to be some shot when the Leda clones were born to activate the synthetic sequences, since Sarah Helena’s mother ran away they missed out on the shot.  Was that the real point of Sarah’s maggotbot?

Speaking of Westmoreland, I’m pretty sure they won’t do the super scifi thing like he’s a time traveler stuck in the past, or an alien or anything like that.  My bet is that he just won the genetic lottery and his genes keep him from aging, or aging very slowly.  Could the synthetic sequences then be his attempt to understand this part of himself?  But without sharing it with lowly clones?  Was his ability something that Kira inherited, allowing for her quick healing when she was hit by the car in Season One?  Could Kira be better at whatever it is than Westmoreland? 

Something smaller.  Should Scott get a girlfriend?  If so, how about MK?  I’m not thinking a whirlwind romance during Season Five, just them connecting over some game.

Something I’ve always wondered is why the clone club doesn’t make a video explaining everything and tell the bad guys that if anything happens to them, the video about cloning, plans to genetically alter humans, etc. would go public.  I’m sure the reason they haven’t done it is they worry what would happen to the naïve clones suddenly learning that they are clones, but at some point that may have to be an option.  The upside to them telling the world is there could be a montage of people learning about clones – such as Angie, Vic, the reverend, Sara, Alison’s mom, Krystal – as well as a bunch of new clones learning they’re clones. 

That might be a way to end the series, but I also wonder if they’ll do a Harry Potter ending of jumping ahead twenty years and seeing Kira with kids, or Scott and MK married, or Cosima and Delphine with some adopted kids.  On one hand, that seems too cheesy, but on the other hand you feel that these characters deserve a happy ending.  I guess if you don’t want it to be too happy, you could have them all coming together for Mrs. S’s funeral. 

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see where it all goes. 

Anyway, here are the links to the previous season’s overviews as well as my reviews for each episode of Season Four.

Season 4

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