Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Orphan Black Season 4 recap – “The Stigmata of Progress”

“The Stigmata of Progress”


We start with Rachel, who is still in some secret facility.  She has visits from Charlotte who takes online courses.  There is also Ira, Rachel’s physical therapist, who is a Castor Clone raised by Susan in Neolution.  He is working on making Rachel’s bionic eye look normal.

After months away, Susan returns, which Rachel figures means that they lost Kendall again.  They argue and snipe, and Ira takes Susan’s side.

We learn that Charlotte has a deformed leg, which is why she had a leg brace when we first saw her.  Susan also says that Charlotte has had “an unfortunate series of guardians.” We also learn that she was cloned from Rachel.  While the two of them are painting, Rachel uses the paint to ask if Charlotte got her message out, since she doesn’t have access to any computers, and Charlotte says yes.  She then coughs up some blood, but says it just happens sometimes.

Susan later says that the point of Neolution is to direct human evolution to make “more perfect” humans.

Cosima and Scott ultrasound Sarah’s cheek, but don’t really have a clue as to what the implant does, or is for.  Sarah figures that if she can’t find MK, she’ll have to find Dizzy.

Kira was left upstairs at the comic shop, and says that she always knows when something bad is happening.  Hell Wizard was teaching her a game, but she grows distant and sweeps it to the floor.

Sarah shows up at Felix’s to tell him everything, and finds Adele, his half-sister.  She’s a druggy lawyer being disbarred.  Sarah thinks she has to be a Neolution plant, but Felix thinks she’s overreacting, and they split on a bit of a tiff.

Felix’s history is that his dad was an American who had an affair with a London dancer who died.  Felix has the faintest memories of her.  Adele’s mom knew of the affair, but not about a child until her dad was on his deathbed. 

Donnie check’s Alison’s cheek, but can’t find anything.  Cosima is on the phone and mentions that they need one of these maggotbots to see how to get it out of Sarah.  So Alison proposes to Donnie that they dig up Leekie’s body to see if he had one.

While they are digging it up, some cops show up to ask about how Alison’s campaign stuff ended up in a warehouse where some drug people were killed a few weeks ago.  But instead of Alison, they find Helena.  But she manages to pull things off, even naming some of the people on Alison’s staff.

Alison and Donnie find a thing in Leekie’s cheek – like a cocoon or something – so they call Cosima and tell her that Donnie killed Leekie and they buried him in their garage.  Cosima is … surprised by that.  But a doctor or someone needs to come and get the bot.

Sarah tracks down Dizzy, and returns his phone.  He doesn’t want to talk to her, until she has him feel her cheek.  She wants to know how to get in touch with MK – even though they’re “sisters” it’s complicated – and he says that you don’t find MK, she finds you.  But he does have a name for the guy in the video: Alonso Martinez.

Art is watching the Beth videos, and sees Duko’s visit.  Sarah shows up and she shows him the Martinez video.  He goes to the station to look things up, and tells her to rest.  She does talk to Helena about the twins.  Helena says she doesn’t want them to grow up like her.

Mrs. S. goes out to meet Benjamin who may have found a doctor to help Sarah.  Cosima watches Kira, who is in some kind of daze.  When she comes out, she says she was dreaming of all her aunties burning Sarah because she was changing.

Art talks to Duko, just wondering why he visited Beth after the shooting.

Art calls Sarah and tells her that Martinez flew into town for one day and got a cab to go to a dentist.  Sarah goes to check it out and sneaks into the back.  One of the assistants sees her and thinks she’s Beth.  Apparently Beth had visited before and watched them implant someone.  Sarah tells the assistant that she was implanted, and needs someone to take it out.  The assistant reluctantly agrees to help.

Mrs. S. is waiting for Benjamin, but Ferdinand shows up.  She isn’t all that happy with it.  But then Art calls asking if she knows where Sarah is because she isn’t answering.  He tells her about the dentist.

After all the patients leave, the dental assistant takes Sarah back and gets her mouth open.  She then says she pierced the bot and if Sarah moves it will kill her.  The assistant then says that when Beth first showed up, she was just to misdirect her.  But now that she’s come back, she had to call in her bosses.  Then Ferdinand shows up.  He kills the assistant and tells Sarah that if the bot had been pierced, she’d be dead already.  He tells her he got a message from Rachel saying Susan was alive.


Some questions.  What happened to Marion?  What is up with Kira?  Is Adele who she says she is?

I’ve heard some theories that Alison telepathically sent Helena the names of her workers, but that’s too far-fetched.  Maggotbots are one thing, telepathy is another.  I think Helena was just bored and read all she could about Alison.

I’ve also heard some magical ideas about Kira, but again I think that’s a bit too far.  I’m not sure what is going on there, but I can’t wait to find out.

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