Monday, May 2, 2016

Movie Monday – Storage 24 (2012)


The movie starts with a military cargo plane crashing in London.  We see a metal cage in the rubble that something has broken out of, and then some people are attacked.

At a nearby storage facility, the crash messed up their power and the doors locked, trapping some people inside.  An electrician shows up to fix the issue, allowing some people to leave and others to come in.  And then the doors relock.

One of the people coming in is Charlie.  He and his girlfriend Shelley had just broken up and they were meeting at the storage place to go through their belongings.  But Charlie wants her back.  Shelley was already there with some of her friends and Charlie shows up with his best friend Mark.  There are a lot of confrontations and it turns out that Shelley and Mark were having an affair.  Charlie wants to leave, but can’t.

Then they discover that something has been killing some of the other people in there.  The group runs around and comes across this guy who lives in the storage place to hide from his wife.  He’s a bit of a conspiracy nut.

Charlie then goes through the air ducts to get into other storage units to look for weapons, such as a crowbar and some fireworks.  They fight the monster, and several of the gang are killed.  They eventually kill the monster and open the doors. 

The movie ends with Charlie looking up seeing a giant alien ship bombing London.


I think I saw the trailer and heard about this movie years ago, and it was memorable because it stars Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith from Doctor Who).  This was before he did The Anomaly. 

The one thing I did like about this movie was them searching for weapons in the other storage units.  That was a smart, realistic thing to do, which doesn’t always happen in monster/alien invasion movies.  But probably the biggest issue I had is that it also has a cliché from monster/alien invasion movies.  That’s that the monster seems to have read the script.  Because when a character is no longer important, the monster will lunge from out of nowhere and just rip their head off.  But if the character is still important, then the monster will pass up dozens of chances to kill them so that they can be rescued.  So it’s an okay movie, not great, not terrible.

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