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Orphan Black Season 4 recap – “From Instinct to Rational Control”

“From Instinct to Rational Control”


The episode starts with MK brushing her teeth, digging through Dyad files for information on the members of Topside (apparently, Marion is dead), and building a bomb.  She talks to a photo of Nikki, who we later learn was her only friend and a fellow clone.  MK is on the search for Ferdinand.

Mrs. S., Sarah, and Benjamin take Ferdinand to an alternate safe house.  He starts cooking and they discuss business.  If they can find Susan, she should be the one who knows how to take the maggotbot out of Sarah.  But to find her, they’ll need to track the message Rachel sent, which he has on a USB drive.  Ferdinand figures whoever tipped Sarah off in Iceland should be able to do that.  He wants to meet, but Sarah says no.  Ferdinand also says that he’s saved up some money and wants to live peacefully with Rachel, until it’s time to take back control.

Alison sends Cosima and Scott Leekie’s head.  They dig out the tumor and find the maggotbot within, still wiggling.  They start doing tests.

Felix shows up at the alternate safe house, and Benjamin takes Ferdinand to another room so they can have a family meeting.  They explain everything, and Felix says he would have helped if she had told him she had a maggotbot, and they tell him that Adele has to be kept from all of this.

Alison and Sara Stubbs are having coffee talking about doing a musical review.  After Sara leaves, Trina approaches telling “Beth” to leave things alone.  Trina believes Beth checked out Club Neolution and the Lifespring fertility clinic.  Trina told Beth, in confidence, that she was a “carrier.” Alison grabs a picture of Trina and calls Sarah.

Sarah gets testy with Alison for “not pulling her weight.” But Alison agrees to check out Lifespring with Felix and Donnie.

Donnie talks to Helena about how he and Alison struggled to get pregnant, and Helena realizes that seeing her would be tough on them.  So later she buries her tank of babies – she never put more liquid nitrogen on them – and leaves.

Sarah goes to Dizzy’s, who has set up a meeting with MK because of Sarah’s maggotbot.  Dizzy leaves and Sarah talks to MK on a computer.  Sarah tells her about Susan being alive.  MK agrees to trace the message and meet Sarah at Beth’s. 

Alison takes Felix and Donnie to Lifespring.  Since Beth had already been there, she can’t go in.  So she sends Felix and Donnie with fake identities as a married couple looking to have a child.  They each give a sperm sample to determine who would be the father.

Donnie catches a glimpse of a woman he and Alison met when they had been trying to get pregnant.  Apparently, she and her husband had given up on IVF before, but now she’s pregnant.  So Alison goes off to “bump” into her and get the story.  She tells Alison about Doctor Bosch and the BrightBorn Treatments.  Felix and Donnie meet with Doctor Bosch, and they ask about the BrightBorn Treatment and he gives them a packet of information.

Rachel discusses Charlotte’s condition with Ira and later Susan.  Rachel finally says that the illness should be allowed to progress for the information they will get, which could help her and Ira. 

MK traces the message, but also finds out it was sent to Ferdinand.  Sarah shows up at Beth’s, but MK isn’t there.  She calls Sarah and says she won’t work with Ferdinand and that she can’t trust Sarah now.

Sarah goes back to Dizzy wanting help.  Before he’ll commit, he asks for something because he has people involved to.  Sarah tells him that they’re clones.  Dizzy says the three times he met MK, her car had different plates, all from junkers.  She had said she worked as a night watchman, so they go to the junkyard nearest to Beth’s.

They find MK’s trailer, but she isn’t there.  Sarah breaks the window to get in, but Dizzy spots the bomb on the first step.  They get in and Sarah looks around while Dizzy hacks into MK’s computer. 

Sarah finds a box of old newspaper clippings and photos of a younger MK with Nikki.  We find that “MK” is 3MK29A.  Dizzy gets in and finds that MK had been tracking Sarah, getting her phone and everything. 

Mrs. S. gets a text from “Sarah” saying to have Ferdinand meet her at Beth’s. 

Scott discovers that the tumor glows in the dark.  They figure that the bioluminescence was used to track new genes.  They figure the maggotbots are a gene therapy delivery system. 

Ferdinand shows up at Beth’s, but meets MK on a computer.  He sits down, activating a bomb.  MK then comes in and shows him the right side of her face – which she has always covered with her hair – and the big scars there.  She’s Veera, the Helsinki clone.  Ferdinand had always thought that one had escaped.  MK lights a bunch of candles and pours out some gas.  She wants revenge on Ferdinand for killing Nikki, her only friend, along with several of her sisters and a bunch of other people.

Sarah calls Mrs. S. needing Ferdinand to be safe, and she learns that he’s at Beth’s with “Sarah.” Sarah takes Dizzy’s car and rushes over, getting a call from Cosima about the maggotbots. 

Sarah shows up at Beth’s and tries to talk MK out of killing Ferdinand.  She says that she needs all the help she can get to get rid of the maggotbot.  Ferdinand points out that he has money, and MK knows about his $3.7 million.  She has him log into his account and she transfers all of it.  She then leaves.

Mrs. S. shows up and defuses the bomb. 

Rachel had tried to pass another message through Charlotte, but Susan catches it, saying they allowed the first message through.

Cosima and Felix take a look at the BrightBorn info.  The video has Evie Choe talking about how they can make healthier, better, babies.


Where did Helena go?  Back to Jesse? 

What sort of gene therapy are they giving to Sarah?  Is it possible that it was her maggotbot – probably implanted at the end of season two when she was a captive at Dyad – kept her safe from Rudy’s blood when she was transfused in season three?  Or was that all because of whatever it is that lets her have kids? 

MK has become one of my favorite clones, and I do hope she comes back.  But I’m hoping to see her for three or four episodes.  Let her try to enjoy Ferdinand’s money, only to realize she needs to help her sisters.  Or, is she already planning something?  We’ll have to see.

As to BrightBorn, designer babies seems rather tame compared to maggotbots.  We’ll just have to see what twist they put on everything.

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