Monday, May 23, 2016

Movie Monday – Short film “Merv” (2013)

(This isn’t the trailer, it’s the whole movie.)


After some sort of apocalypse, Merv spends his days in his underground bunker playing chess against himself, watering his plant in a jar, and tuning a radio for any signals.  He puts on a mask and goggles to go outside to dig in garbage piles for anything useful and to get water.

One day, he hears a signal on his radio.  When he goes out, he sees another scavenger in the pile.  He’s afraid and runs away.  Back in his bunker, he makes a spear and goes and chases the other scavenger away.

But then he gets lonely.  He goes to find the scavenger and sees them making a bigger spear. 

Back in his bunker, he sees that his plant is a flower that has blossomed.  He takes it out and finds the other scavenger.  At first the other threatens him with their spear, but then Merv takes off his mask and goggles and gives the flower as a gift.  The other takes off their mask and goggles and it turns out to be a woman.


Once the flower bloomed, I figured out it would be given as a peace offering.  Apparently, this won some award for its look, and it does look good, I found the story rather thin and predictable.

I’ve been busy with other things, which is why I did a short film this week.  I might do a few more just help me catch up on things, but I’ll get back to full length movies at some point.

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