Monday, April 25, 2016

Movie Monday – Immortal (2004)


The film is set towards the end of this century in New York City.  There are normal people as well as people with genetic modifications.  And then there’s this strange woman and we’re not sure what she is.  She gets arrested for not having an ID, or something, and the doctor who examines her finds out she’s strange.

Above the city is a pyramid.  Inside the gods of Egypt have sentenced Horus to death.  But he has a few days to wander the city looking for an acceptable body.  He finds the body in a political rebel who was sentenced to thirty years suspended animation.  But an accident causes his sleeper tube to fall from the facility a year before he was to be released, and he loses his leg.  Horus finds him and makes him a new leg out of iron.

They find the girl and slip her a divine mickey and go back to her apartment and have sex.  But the next day neither really remember it.  The guy wants to leave, but Horus won’t let him.  He tries to explain all this to the girl, and she eventually comes around to him, and they have sex a few more times. 

It turns out, that this girl is the rarest of the rare in that she can procreate with gods.  But she loses her memory, and the guy is sent back to prison to finish his sentence.  When he gets out, he goes to find her, and she has a son who is a bird.

So that’s the main plot, but there’s also a cop who had half his face eaten by some alien who is investigating because Horus tried several unacceptable bodies before he found the guy and their heads exploded.  There’s a corrupt politician who is afraid of the rebel guy so he sends the alien that almost killed the cop after him.  There’s some dimensional god, or something, that brought the girl to Earth.  There’s some dimensional zone in Central Park that kills people who go in it.  And there might be a plot or two I’m forgetting, all crammed into about a hundred minutes.


I found out about this movie on one of those “10 weirdest scifi movies,” or “10 worst movie special effects” lists.  It doesn’t fully come out in the trailer, but I guess the movie is all CGI backgrounds – some of which aren’t that bad – with some live action actors and a bunch of CGI characters.  And CGI of a level that would make you think it was made in the 90s, not 2004. 

Apparently, this is based on the director’s comic book series, and it has the feeling of trying to cram the plots from twenty issues into one movie.

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