Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Orphan Black Season 3 recap – “Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate”

“Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate”


Sarah and Helena are in a Mexican cantina when Mrs. S. shows up with their papers to get them home.  Helena wants to kill her, but Sarah talks her out of it.  After eating, Helena does end up punching Mrs. S. a few times, until Mrs. S. punches her back.  But then they hug things out so Helena joins Sarah’s family.  The owner of the cantina knows that Helena is pregnant, and seems rather helpful.

Cosima is at Shay’s when Delphine shows up.  She wants a urine sample to test because Cosima’s numbers are “worrying.”

Back at Dyad, Scott is playing a game with some friends when Delphine comes in and takes over the lab.  She then brings Rachel in to run tests on her.  Rachel sees one of her paintings Scott is looking at, and when Delphine has her head turned, Scott shows her Ethan’s book.  Rachel asks to learn the game – saying she’s bored – so Scott agrees to start teaching her.  Once they’re alone, Scott gives her a photocopy of a page and she starts drawing lines.  He asks what it says, but she says she’ll only tell Sarah.

Alison and Donnie go to her mother to buy Bubbles.  But she wants to read through the documents first.  It’s a busy day because Donnie and Jason go to their supplier Pouchy – who cut off Vic’s finger – to make a deal, and Alison is at a big show at the school for all the candidates.

Jason and Donnie show up at Pouchy’s, but instead of the money, Donnie grabbed the wrong envelope containing signatures to get Alison on the ballet.  So Jason goes to get it the money from Alison, while Donnie stays and is threatened with having his nose cut off.

Felix is helping out Alison when her mother calls, claiming to be having a heart attack.  Alison leaves to talk to her and asks Felix to cover for her.  Alison’s mom doesn’t think Alison and, especially, Donnie are good enough to own her store, so she doesn’t want to sell it.

Cosima shows up at the candidate thing trying to get a urine sample from Alison – to pass off to Delphine – and Felix passes her off as Alison when the candidates get their photos taken.

Alison, her mother, Jason, Pouchy’s niece (who goes because Jason is taking too long), and Cosima are all at the school.  Alison works to switch the signatures and money and lets Felix in on her side job.  Alison takes the money out to Pouchy’s niece, who makes her wait while she counts it.  So Cosima has to start giving Alison’s speech.  She ducks off stage because she’s coughing to “get some water,” and Alison comes back to finish it, nailing it.  Jason sweet talks Alison’s mom into selling the store, and later kisses Cosima “Alison.”

Later, Alison introduces Cosima to her mother as her clone.  But her mother claims that she must just be a half-sister from the same IVF clinic.  Her mother had told her earlier that when she went to the clinic, she had asked for an “upgrade” from her husband’s sperm.  Her mother is a bit upset because her special donor was supposed to be exclusive, and she glosses over the whole clone thing.

Back at Shay’s, Cosima admits that she has a serious medical condition, and then she starts bleeding.


Poor Cosima.  She’s better than she was last season, but she’s still sick.  I really hope they figure out how to heal her in the Fourth Season.

Knowing where they end up, it’s amazing how much ground they cover with just three more episodes.

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