Monday, April 4, 2016

Orphan Black Season 3 recap – “Certain Agony of the Battlefield”

“Certain Agony of the Battlefield”


Sarah dreams that she is chasing Kira through the base and ends up in a room where Rudy is giving her a blood transfusion.  She wakes up to find a bandage on her throat.

Paul has a meeting with his contact in DC to discuss what Virginia is doing.  Paul gives the guy Parsons’ sex notebook as evidence Virginia is conducting civilian trials.  His contact says he needs more evidence to move against Virginia.

Cosima wakes up at Shay’s, and is getting calls from Scott.  Apparently, Cosima is dreaming about Sarah, and Shay asks who that is.  When Cosima does go in to work, she finds that Delphine – who has the photos of Cosima and Shay – is back.  Delphine wonders how they got a Castor brain and who this Gracie woman they are checking on is.  She knows because they ran their tests at Dyad.  Something they missed but Delphine found, is that a protein from the brain also showed up in Gracie.  Felix brings Gracie to Cosima for follow-up tests, where they discover that her ovaries are atrophying.

While at Dyad, Felix gets Scott to take him to see Rachel to see what she knows about Castor.  She’s in a wheelchair painting.  Felix threatens and humiliates her and leaves in disgust.  Scott is cleaning up her paintings, when he notices some symbols on them that match those in Ethan’s book.  He tells Cosima that Rachel may know the code.

Alison and Donnie are enjoying the drug life.  After paying off Jason, they want to take it “to the next level,” but Jason isn’t sure they’re ready.  Especially after Donnie splurges and buys a new car.  So Alison has a plan to buy her mother’s store, Bubbles, to run as a front.

Helena is in the desert running, being chased by Rudy.  At one point, she “eats” Pupok.

Paul returns to the base to discover that Sarah is have a bad reaction to the blood transfusion.  In a fevered dream, she talks with Beth who tells her to start asking “Who?” instead of “Why?”

Paul talks to a doctor who isn’t that bad.  He tells Paul about how, while Paul was out with Beth, Rudy came in with a girl with the disease.  This started a new line of research.  With Mark’s help, Paul sneaks into Virginia’s office and sees that the ovaries of the affected women have atrophied.  With this evidence, he calls his contact who has him arrest Virginia and take over the base.  The contact says that a team will be there in a few hours.

Sarah feels better and goes to talk to Virginia.  Unlike the other Leda clones, Sarah is fertile, which Virginia figured would make her immune to the Castor STD, which she apparently is.  She and Paul ask what the point of these tests are, and we learn that Virginia is trying to isolate this Castor defect to use it as a weapon.  If you make your enemy infertile, they eventually go away.

Rudy is still out looking for Helena, when he gets a call.  He sneaks back into the base and kills most of Paul’s men.

Mark checks Rudy’s phone and finds out he got a call.  He tells Paul who calls his contact, but Paul knows he can’t trust him.  Paul goes to get Sarah out of the base.  He comes across Miller and kills him, but not before Miller stabs him in the stomach several times.  Paul gets Sarah to a vent of a secret tunnel that will take her to a garage.  He then closes the panel and tells her to go on.  He goes back to the data Virginia had, including the baby bones.  She and Rudy find him there, and he asks her to just cure the boys and leave everything else behind.  She shoots him, but it turns out he was holding a grenade.

The explosion knocks Sarah down in the tunnel, but Helena finds her.


I can’t say, don’t worry, Paul will be fine.  He’s dead.  On one hand, there are a lot of characters in this show and you need to trim that a bit to make sure all of them are relevant.  Like Art’s barely in this season.  But I was sad to see Paul go.  You were never entirely sure where he stood, which made him an interesting character.

As far as you can tell from the show, the only Castor clones left are Mark and Rudy.  But I guess they can always bring out new clones, like they do with Leda, because I guess there’s a new Castor clone in Season Four.  We’ll have to see.

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