Friday, April 1, 2016

Orphan Black Season 3 recap – “Formalized, Complex, and Costly”

“Formalized, Complex, and Costly”


Sarah and Felix get Seth’s body into his bathtub.  They figure Mrs. S. will know how to get rid of a body, but then Art shows up.  He finds the body and is … conflicted about not doing the proper cop thing of reporting it.

The reason Art was there was because he had a lead on Mark.  He and Sarah go off to talk to Alexis, the Prolethean midwife from last season, who had been kicked out of the Proletheans. She tells them that Mark and Gracie had run off with Henrik’s truck.  She also tells them that Helena, and Gracie, are pregnant.  She overhears the police radio about where the truck was spotted.  Alexis later goes back to Bonnie, Gracie’s mother, and tells her where Mark and Gracie could be found.

Mark and Gracie start coming to terms with being married.  He tells her that he never really left the military, he was sent to find some samples Henrik had stolen.  If he can get those samples, he’ll be clean of his people.

There’s a guy, Finch, who was friends with Henrik who they think has the samples.  Gracie goes to him and gets a box, but it’s just notebooks.

Art and Sarah also find out about Finch from Henrik’s old militia contacts, and go for a visit.  He tells them that Gracie had been there, but just to share the news of her father’s death.

Paul and Rudy return to base, and Virginia is somewhat upset with Rudy for killing Seth.  But, as Paul points out, I guess it is procedure to kill them when they start glitching in the field.  Rudy hands over Seth’s log book.  She wants Rudy to go look for Mark, and Paul wants to go with him, but he’s needed in Arlington to make sure the higher ups don’t cut their funding.

After admitting that he loved Beth, Art heads back into town leaving Sarah in a diner.  She sees Gracie eating alone, Mark having gone to talk to Finch.  Sarah shows her a picture of Seth and Rudy, and how Mark is a clone, which really upsets Gracie.  She goes back to her hotel room to pack and leave, but then Bonnie shows up.

Cosima and Scott cut out Seth’s brain for study.  They discover that he was really sick and that he probably would have died in a few weeks.  Cosima runs his DNA and discovers that the original Castor and Leda donors were brother and sister.

Alison and Donnie make headway with their new business of soaps and … other stuff.

Nealon is showing Rachel some flashcards, and Rachel is having some trouble with her words.  But he says that she’ll recover.  He also tells her that Delphine had arranged for Rachel to “die” in a plane crash.  One of the cards he shows her is of the two-horse Castor tattoo, which she recognizes as horses.

Mark goes to Finch and starts to torture him, but he apparently has a weak heart and dies.  After talking with Gracie, Sarah goes back to Finch’s, only to find him dead.  Mark finds her, but doesn’t believe her when she tells him they’re siblings.  He runs out to make up with Gracie, when he’s shot in the leg.  He crawls into a cornfield where Bonnie finds him and shoots him again.


Don’t worry, Mark will be fine.  Although, that Bonnie didn’t blow his head off surprised me.

When I was first watching the series, I had wondered if the original cells had come from the Duncan’s themselves, but now that we know they’re siblings, that would be … icky.

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