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Orphan Black Season 4 recap – “Transgressive Border Crossing”

“Transgressive Border Crossing”


Sarah is packing things up in Iceland, but Mrs. S. is questioning who MK is and how she got her intelligence.  Then Kira sees lights in the distance, so Sarah takes Kira and Kendell out while Mrs. S. dumps gas and sets the place on fire so the neolutionists can’t get even an eyelash.  Oh, and Cal is in another country for … something.

Donnie takes Helena – posing as Alison – to get an ultrasound.  She learns that she is having twins.  Donnie is excited for her, but Alison is a little distant, probably just unhappy that she can’t have kids.  They decide not to tell Helena that Sarah is back because she has too much going on.

Sarah and company – with the help of Benjamin – show up at Rabbit Hole Comics.  Kendall and Kira are taken to a safe house, with Kira a tad upset that Cal won’t be there.  Sarah and Mrs. S. go in and meet Hell Wizard, who shows them into the basement. 

Cosima and Scott – apparently with the drug money Helena got last season – have set up a secret lab.  With Kendall’s samples, they’ve found the synthetic DNA sequences in Cosima and are working on a cure.  But Cosima isn’t looking the best.  Part of that may be that she is missing Delphine who – as far as they know – has just disappeared.

They got (stole) some of their equipment from Dyad.  Everyone they knew there was either fired or transferred, and as far as they know, Dyad is out of the cloning business.

Sarah meets with Art to talk about MK.  He doesn’t have much, but he does show her the files of the last case he and Beth had, the guy with the cut up cheek.  They figure Beth was probably hiding something, so they go check out her apartment.  Dyad had paid for Paul’s apartment through the end of the year, so all her stuff is boxed up.  They go through and find Leekie’s book, her drug stash, and the hidden camera.

In a flashback, we see Duko – the neolutionist police union rep – show up at Beth’s and talk in a tad creepy, like he knows that she knows about neolution kind of way.

Kendell gives another blood sample, and Scott sees something weird in it.  She tells him that – just before she got caught up in everything – she was diagnosed with leukemia.  She swears him to silence about it because she doesn’t want them fawning over her.

Sarah and Art start watching the hidden footage, seeing where Beth pulled a gun on Paul.  But then they see Trina show up.  That’s the pregnant neolution girl Beth met as Club Neolution.  Sarah takes her photo, to go find her and leaves Art to finish watching everything.

Sarah shows up at Felix’s – who hasn’t been answering his phone – to go for a drink.  But really, she wants him to go into Club Neolution and then let her in the fire door.  He isn’t overly happy about all this, and tells Sarah that he is looking for his birth family.  She tries telling him that Mrs. S. and Kira are his family, but he doesn’t seem to be buying that right now.  While things with Sarah might be a bit strained, he seems to still be close to Alison, who knows what he’s been doing.

Sarah doesn’t have any luck finding Trina, but she is mistaken by this guy Dizzy for MK.  They were supposed to be meeting in an hour, but he figures she was impatient.  She had sent him off looking for some video and he found one of a guy with a worm in his cheek.  These other guys try to cut it out, but it has a self-defense mechanism that kills the host.  After showing her the video, Dizzy realizes she isn’t MK, but Sarah escapes with his phone.

She goes to a laundromat where – after putting her phone in a dryer in case anyone was listening and taking off her boots – MK talks to her.  MK isn’t there, just watching through the security camera. 

Between flashbacks, Art watching the video, and MK talking to Sarah, we get the following story.  Beth puts on a blond wig, and goes out with a gun and some security card.  When she comes back, she has blood on her hands, and MK is waiting for her.  Beth cuts up the card and flushes it and gives the gun to MK, telling her to drop everything and go back into hiding.  But she also tells her to watch over the others.  Beth then leaves for the train station, where we see her in the very first episode.

MK explains that she found Sarah’s and Kendall’s name while searching some offshore servers.  MK doesn’t know why Beth killed herself, just that it had something to do with the “maggotbots.” MK tells Sarah to hide, but Sarah says that hiding doesn’t work.  She then sees MK in a car outside, but MK drives off before Sarah can run out to her.

Sarah is getting her stuff back in the laundromat when the EMTs come in.  They say they’ve been looking for her, but then notice she doesn’t have the scars.  One holds her down and runs his finger in her mouth and figures she’s Sarah.  They then leave.

Sarah rushes to the safe house figuring Dyad did something to her when they had her.  She wakes up Kira, and realizes that Dyad had her too.  Sarah tries to check Kira’s mouth, but only ends up worrying her.  Mrs. S. pulls her away and they put a flashlight in Sarah’s mouth, and we see a tiny worm moving in her cheek.


I wonder if Beth killed Duko, but you’d think a dead cop would be big news at the police station.  That might be a bit much to retcon. 

Basically, I have six questions after watching this episode.  One, what did blonde Beth do?  Two, what is the point of the maggot bots?  Three, does MK have one?  Four, if she doesn’t, then why are the EMTs looking for her?  Five, does MK only think the neolutionists think she is dead?  And six, does any of this relate to what the nurse noticed about Kira when she was in the hospital back in Season One?  That’s something that – as far as I know – still hasn’t been answered.  Is it connected to this in any way, or is it something else entirely?  I guess we’ll have to wait to see.

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