Saturday, April 2, 2016

Orphan Black Season 3 recap – “Newer Elements of Our Defense”

“Newer Elements of Our Defense”


Sarah is running from Bonnie and goes into the cornfield and finds that Mark is still alive.  Instead of blowing his head off, Bonnie shot him in the side.  Sarah helps him escape.  They hide in an old house and Sarah digs the bullet out of his leg.  In return, she asks for some information.  He tells her that headquarters is always moving so he doesn’t know where they have Helena.  He also tells her that he is searching for samples Henrik had stolen from the military, but all he found were some old notebooks.  When he passes out, Sarah calls 911 for Mark and then goes to his motel room and finds the notebooks, which Gracie had hidden before Bonnie showed up.

Felix finds Cosima – who is getting better thanks to the treatment she did get from Kira – pinning for Delphine, so he takes her out and starts working on an online dating profile for her.  Sarah calls her and sends her photos of some of the notebook pages.  They discover that Henrik had been Ethan’s assistant back in the day.  Also, he had apparently worked on making a clone.

Bonnie takes Gracie to the Prolethean’s new home of the blind Mr. Appleyard.  But Gracie miscarries and Bonnie states that she is no longer welcomed there.

Donnie is worried that they are being followed.  So they plan to move all the pills to a storage locker.  But a man is waiting on their front yard.  He works for Ramon’s supplier, but Ramon owes them money.  He apparently didn’t go to college, he just needed some money to skip town.  They set up a meeting, and it turns out that the drug supplier is Jason Kellerman, Alison’s high school boyfriend.  She works out a deal to keep selling.

Helena ties off her arm and acts crazy and cuts herself.  Virginia gives her a sedative and Helena pretends to go out.  They close the cut and when they leave her alone Helena starts scouting the base, in a run-down Mexican ruin, with hints from Pupok.  She finds a room where Virginia is doing something with one of the Castor clones.  She makes it back without being discovered and is locked back up.  But she takes a bone from one of her meals and chews it into a key.  She gets out and goes back to the room to discover the Castor clone Parsons who is locked in a chair with the top of his head cut off and a couple of electrodes stuck in his brain.  He asks her to kill him, and she does, even though Pupok points out it will ruin her chances to escape.  And it does.

Mark catches Sarah at the motel and she tells him that Henrik worked on a clone.  Mark tells her that Henrik and Bonnie had a son before Gracie, but he died.  So they go to the farm they lived at and where the son is buried and dig him up.  Mark passes out and Rudy shows up.  Sarah hits him with a shovel and hides in a barn, but Rudy finds her.  He’s ready to kill her when Mark comes in and orders Rudy to stand down.  He does and the brothers reunite, but need to tie up the loose end of Sarah.


Don’t worry, Sarah will be fine.

So Henrik stole an original sample of Castor DNA, but because he didn’t have Ethan’s synthetic sequences, the baby didn’t survive.  But now that Virginia will have an original sample, they can find the synthetic parts and figure out what’s causing the issues.  I’m only clarifying that right now, because other stuff comes up later.

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