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Orphan Black Season 3 recap – “Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method”

“Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method”


A battered Virginia is in the same Mexican bar Sarah and Helena were in last week.  She asks the owner about twins, but the owner says she doesn’t remember sisters.  Virginia is meeting with Paul’s double-crossing contact, who says that he has an in to Leda.

Alison and Donnie have hired Gracie and Helena to help in Bubbles – just selling the soap – in exchange for living with them.  Alison’s daughter doesn’t seem at all phased with her mother’s twin.  Donnie isn’t too happy with Helena, who likes him because he’s “strong like baby ox.” Helena has also gotten her tank of babies she had hidden at Felix’s, and hides them at Bubbles.  Gracie and Helena are getting along now, and Helena asks Gracie to be aunt to her baby, and Gracie agrees.

Alison meets with Jason to discuss the kiss, and says it’s not happening.  Later, Donnie texts him using her phone to meet at Bubbles and Jason shows up.  Donnie tells Jason Alison is his wife, and they end up fighting and Jason beats up Donnie.

Delphine gets a manicure from Krystal, the Leda clone Seth and Rudy tried to kidnap.  Her boyfriend/monitor was killed and Delphine is wondering if Krystal knows something is going on.  But it appears to just be a weird story Krystal tells her clients.  So Delphine and Nealon are sure she’s still naïve about the whole clone thing.  They also talk about Rachel.  Nealon says her speech is improving, but not her movement.  Delphine wonders if Rachel still has any use.

Sarah wonders if her immunity to the Castor illness would help Cosima, but Cosima says it’s different.  Cosima then has Sarah call Scott to talk about the book and Rachel issue.

Shay gives Cosima a ride to work, and Cosima shows her the lab.  She comes across the book, and Cosima grabs it saying Scott is particular about his things.  Delphine comes in with a report that the gene trials they’re running in Europe have failed, and the Polish clone has died.

Sarah calls Scott and learns about the secret code.  Sarah’s worried that Topside might use it to make more clones, but it could also cure Cosima, so she’s up to talking with Rachel.

Scott has another game day with Rachel and Sarah Skypes in.  She translates a page which talks about London and Castor and will translate the rest if they can get her out of Dyad and into Taiwan.  But Rachel is officially dead, so she’ll need a different identity, and she suggests stealing Krystal’s.

Sarah and Felix set out to steal Krystal’s identity.  Felix makes an appointment for a manicure and talks about things in the hopes of getting some personal details for passwords and whatnot.  He then slips off to the bathroom and goes into the employee room and steals her wallet.  But in her purse he also finds a notebook with the Castor two horse drawing, where she has made notes about the weird things in her life, like her boyfriends only lasting for two years and the heavily armed “hotel security” who saved her from the Rudy/Seth attack.  Felix wants to tell her what’s going on, but Sarah forbids him.  But he does give her some advice and kind words.

Scott goes home, only to find Rudy there with his cat.  Rudy threatens a bit, and Scott gives him the book.  Scott calls Delphine, who learns about the book.  She isn’t too happy that they kept that from her.

Scott has one of his game friends pass a photocopy of the book to Sarah.  Then, while Cosima stalls Delphine by resigning, another one of Scott’s game friends rigs the security system so that they can get Rachel out to Mrs. S’s.  Rachel starts translating the photocopy, giving the Castor original a number, when Nealon and some goons come in to grab her and the photocopy.  Felix manages to save the translated page.  Rachel has a “fit.” Apparently, Delphine let them go along with their plan because she wanted the photocopy – which she locks up – and Rachel to translate it.  But back at Dyad Nealon comes in and says that Rachel was worse than they suspected and he has her in a coma, and he’s unsure if she’ll wake up.  Delphine accepts Cosima’s and Scott’s resignations, and then gives Cosima her file on Shay.

But we later learn that Nealon has taken Krystal and swapped her with Rachel.  Krystal is the one in the coma, and Rachel is in Germany getting a prosthetic eye to match her remaining one.  And there’s a mystery, older woman watching over her.

The only clue the good clones have is London and a number, so Mrs. S., Sarah, and Felix are going there to search for the Castor original.


The identity of the older, mystery woman is eventually revealed, but I won’t do it now just to hold the mystery a bit.

When I was first watching this season, I wondered what the big reveal in the last episode would be.  In the first season it was that they were patented.  The second season ended with Castor.  So I was wondering what the third season reveal would be.  I was thinking that maybe there was a group above Topside that was actually being run by the originals, and I seriously wondered if the mystery woman was the Leda original.  Well, I wasn’t close.  As you’ll see in the next few days.

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