Sunday, April 3, 2016

Orphan Black Season 3 recap – “Scarred by Many Past Frustrations”

“Scarred by Many Past Frustrations”


After her escape last week, Helena is shackled.  She soon finds out that Sarah is in the cell next door.  At first, she is happy because she thinks Sarah gave her to the Castor people.  Sarah tells her that it was Mrs. S., but Helena doesn’t want to believe her.  Later, after Paul comes back and sees Sarah, Helena seems like she starts to believe Sarah when she says she didn’t know about the deal.

Cosima has a date with Shay, a holistic medicine type.  And someone is photographing them.  They later go back to Felix’s where Shay gives her a massage, and Cosima finally opens up a bit about Delphine before they make out.

Mark is stitched up and Virginia gives him his own sex notebook to write about Gracie, but Virginia takes his wedding ring because Gracie wasn’t “one of us.”

Gracie shows up at Art’s.  She tells him that she miscarried and the Proletheans kicked her out.  He takes her to Mrs. S. and Felix.  While talking about fitting in, Mrs. S. tells Gracie about her husband John who died.  A story she had never told Sarah or Felix, who hears it because he’s eavesdropping.

Gracie wants to go wild and drink and party, stuff she’s never done before.  Instead of letting her go out, they give her some drinks and start to teach her to dance.  She gets a bit drunk and then collapses in pain.  They call 911, and the paramedic looks in her eyes and sees that the whites are red.  

Meanwhile, Art checks in with Patty – the girl assaulted by Seth and Rudy – who also has red eyes.

Sarah makes a disturbance and goes to the infirmary where she steals some tweezers.  She passes them to Helena who gets out of her shackles.  She breaks a bar on her door and using some butter pats she had squirreled away from her meals, she greases herself up and slips out of the door.  She kills the guard when he comes to check on them, and then leaves Sarah in her cell.  She gets to the wall of the compound and is conflicted.  Pupok wants her to go, but she starts to worry about Sarah, but when Rudy finds the dead guard she leaves the base.

Paul is looking at Parsons’ body and his things.  He finds Parsons’ sex notebook, which he apparently didn’t know about, and it appears he is starting to second-guess things.


When I first saw this, I wondered if it was someone working for a jealous Delphine who was photographing Cosima and Shay.  Well, yes, but I guess it was also a worried Delphine.

So the Castor Clones, other than having mental issues, have some super STD.  Yes, it was what caused Gracie to miscarry, but Mark didn’t know about it.  I guess.  I think the point of the notebooks was to keep track for the STD study Virginia is doing, but if Mark didn’t know about the STD, how does he know about the notebooks?  Minor issue, but even a show as good as Orphan Black can’t be perfect.

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