Thursday, March 31, 2016

Orphan Black Season 3 recap – “Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis”

“Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis”


Rudy picks up a girl – Patty – and takes her back to his hotel room.  They start having sex, when Seth joins them.  Rudy explains that they were taught to share.

The next day Paul shows up at Rudy and Seth’s room to administer a test of word associations and videos of their eyes.  Rudy passes, but Seth has problems.  Paul them gives them their orders on getting back to base.  Rudy wonders if the orders came from “Mother,” Virginia.

Art is back on the job and has taken Patty’s case.  He calls Sarah who shows up when Art is taking her home.  She pretends to be Beth, and gets Patty to talk a bit.  She explains that they copied down the details from her license in a book and took a hair sample.  Art really doesn’t like that Sarah did that, but he does tell her that Rudy and Seth have the same tattoo of a two headed horse.

Nealon sets up a meeting with Cosima.  She’s doing better, but she needs to get back in the lab.  At the meeting, she and Scott ask if the original sample was truly lost.  Nealon explains that the Duncans brought the female and male genomes to Dyad from the military, but never revealed the original sources. 

At a soccer game, Ramon – Alison’s old drug and arms dealer – shows up.  He says that he’s closing his business and going to college.  Alison figures she and Donnie could take over his business.  Alison cashes out their retirement plan, and they make a deal and buy all of Ramon’s product as well as his client list.  Most of whom, will be voters in the election.

Helena is being waterboarded by Castor clone Miller and a bunch of other military guys.  They take blood samples to see how it changes under stress.  But they’re stopped by Virginia who comes in saying Helena is pregnant. 

Mrs. S. feels she’s failed.  Felix talks her back into her game of mysterious contacts.

While waiting to be picked up, Seth starts glitching; there’s pain in his head and he starts punching a car.  He gets a call from Rudy who says he’s not going back to base, but finishing their mission, which was to find the original genome from Ethan.  Rudy breaks into Felix’s and starts searching for clues.

Cosima and Cal, separately, start looking up two headed horses and Castor.  Apparently the tattoo is for a black ops unit.  Cosima suggests Sarah talk to Mrs. S. to get in touch with Paul, but Sarah doesn’t like that idea.  But she eventually visits with Mrs. S. who tells her that Paul has gone dark.  She also tells Sarah that she needs to take Kira away for safety.  Sarah doesn’t want to hear that.

One of the soldiers runs the same kinds of tests on Helena, although she is more interested in getting food, pissing off Miller, and talking to Pupok than taking a test.  Virginia comes in and takes Helena for a talk.  Virginia explains the Castors came to her when they were very young.  She also tells Helena that it was Sarah who sold her out.

Cal is still unpacking his new house he bought to be closer to Sarah and Kira when Paul breaks in and they have a talk about Sarah and Dyad.  Paul reveals that he knows some dark secret of Cal’s.  He also tells him that Sarah needs to stop digging, or things will go bad and that Cal needs to take her away.

Cal tries to call Sarah – who has Kira at Felix’s – but she doesn’t hear her phone.  Rudy captures Kira.  He asks if Ethan gave Sarah tissue samples of the Castor original, but isn’t happy when she doesn’t know anything.  Cal shows up, only to be stopped by Seth.  They start to fight, but Seth starts glitching and screaming.  Rudy runs downstairs to see what’s happening to him, leaving Kira behind.  Rudy sees Seth, and shoots him to end his suffering.  He then takes Seth’s notebook, and leaves.

Cal – with the help of Mrs. S’s contacts – takes Kira to Iceland to hide her from all of this. 

The only one they know who might lead them to Castor is Mark, so Sarah starts looking for him.  He and Gracie are in a motel, and he’s – literally – burning off his tattoo.


The first time I saw this I was getting a little worried that there were too many characters and that it would be hard to keep track of them all.  Then they killed off Seth and sent Cal and Kira to Iceland, which I figured was a good way to have them still be part of the show without being in every episode.

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