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Orphan Black Season 1 recap – “Unconscious Selection”

“Unconscious Selection”


Kira is rushed to the hospital.  At one point, a nurse tells the doctor to look at something on a screen.  He comes out and tells them that Kira will be just fine.  They take Kira back home to rest and recover. 

Alison joins Sarah, Mrs. S., and Felix at the hospital, but Felix points out she’s kind of in the way.  And since she can’t go back home, Felix let’s her stay at his place, which she starts cleaning.

Helena is very worried about Kira.  Tomas doesn’t believe that a clone could have a child.  But if true, he wonders why Helena let her go.  Helena replies that Kira is innocent.  Tomas starts to doubt Helena’s will, and we learn that the stuff with Olivier was to get Leekie’s attention, and they could have used Kira to get to them. 

Sarah calls Helena, and says she’ll talk about Kira in person.  Tomas tells Helena to set up a meeting, but Helena refuses and they start fighting.  In the end, he locks her in a cage, saying she’s no better than the other clones.

Angie wants to bring “Beth” in for obstruction for the case, but Art talks her into waiting until the end of the day.  Angie wonders if Beth has something on Art.

Leekie is at Paul’s, and explains that he knows someone tampered with the security footage.  He explains that he’s been searching for the lost clone Helena for years, but she is feral, unable to fool someone like Paul.  But Sarah?

When Felix finally returns home, Alison asks him to go with her so she can pick up some things.  They go to her house, only to find Donnie and some neighbors there for an intervention.  At one point Alison runs off to the bathroom, but she lets Felix in.  When she comes out, she stands firm about people scrutinizing her.  Eventually, Donnie agrees with her and kicks everyone else out.

Sarah calls Cosima and tells her everything.  Cosima offers to do a DNA test on Kira, but Sarah declines. 

Paul shows up at Mrs. S’s, saying Leekie wants to meet.  He knows that several of the clones know each other.  Paul works to set up a meeting on Sarah’s terms.

Scott finishes the DNA tests and finds that the samples are identical, except for one tiny section that is almost like an ID tag. 

Art calls to set up a meeting with “Beth,” off the record.  But Sarah doesn’t give him any answers.  He eventually goes to the train station and watches the security footage of Beth killing herself, and Sarah stealing her purse.

Cosima calls Sarah to tell her about the tags.  Sarah says she’s about to meet with Leekie.  Cosima asks her to at least listen to him. 

Leekie says he just oversees data collection.  There are other parts of the project that he doesn’t know.  But he wants to make a deal.  If Sarah can give him Helena – who he says will be treated and deprogrammed – he’ll give her all the answers she wants.  He explains that Tomas is a religious extremist, a Proleathean. 

Sarah mentions that Leekie knows her name and that they are in contact.  Cosima swears she didn’t say anything to Delphine.  She starts looking around, and finds out that Delphine is actually a doctor at the Dyad Institute and already knew Leekie.  Delphine tries to explain that she lied because Cosima was in danger, but she has developed feelings for her.  Cosima throws her out of her apartment.

Sarah and Mrs. S. talk about what to do with Helena.  Mrs. S. wonders if it matters what they do to her.  But Sarah admits there’s a bit of a connection between them.  Mrs. S. says that she has heard back from her contacts, and they are worried.  Something is going on in Europe.

Helena manages to grab her phone and calls Sarah.  Sarah shows up and tries to shoot her, but can’t.  She lets her out of the cage.  Tomas is there and tries to get Helena to shoot Sarah.  Then Kira could be her daughter.  But Sarah points out that Tomas wants to do to Kira what he did to her.  Helena turns on Tomas and would have killed him, but Sarah knocks her out.  She puts Tomas in the cage, and throws Helena in the trunk.

Sarah goes to turn Helena over to Leekie, but Mrs. S. calls and says the two of them need to come back.  When Leekie doesn’t get Helena, he calls a woman, who we later learn is another clone, Rachel Duncan.

Back at the police station, Angie lays everything out for the Chief.  When Art returns, the Chief says to put out a warrant for Beth, but Art corrects him that it needs to be for Sarah.

When Sarah gets home, Mrs. S. introduces her to Amelia, who is her birth mother.  She was a surrogate for a wealthy family, but the medical tests were excessive, and she found out the family was actually scientists.  She ran away and gave birth to twins, and gave one to the state and the other to the church.  Sarah and Helena are twins.


What did the nurse show the doctor about Kira?  I don’t think that has ever been answered.  Given how well the show has been about planting snippets of information, I have a feeling this won’t be fully answered until Season Five.  I believe I read somewhere that the show is to just be five seasons.  On one hand that sucks knowing that such a great series will be limited to that, but on the other hand it means we only have to wait about another year to finally get all the answers.

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