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Orphan Black Season 2 recap – “Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done”

“Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done”


After some debate about what to do with Leekie’s body, and learning that Dyad is covering up his “disappearance,” Alison and Donnie decide to bury it in their garage.  As they dig up the cement and stuff, they are visited by Vic who is being hounded by Angie to get some dirt on Alison.  When Vic shows up again, Donnie catches him and threatens him with a gun until Vic says that there’s a cop outside.  Donnie leads Vic out to Angie’s van and tells her that if she doesn’t stop harassing his family, he’ll report what she’s doing and “bury her.” He then takes a photo of her and Vic.  Later, hiding a body puts the spark back in Alison and Donnie’s marriage.

Back at the Johanssen farm, Henrick implants one of Helena’s fertilized eggs in her.  Alexis, the midwife shows her around the compound.  In the nursery/school, Helena sees Alexis smack one of the kids and threatens to gut her if she harms her again.

We learn that Mark is AWOL from the military, and that he has Henrick’s blessing to marry Gracie.  But Henrick wants Gracie to be fruitful, so she is also implanted with one Helena’s embryos.  When Helena finds out that Henrick will be the father of her babies, she finally realizes she doesn’t belong there.  She and Gracie start to escape when they are caught by Henrick.  Before things get too ugly, Mark shows up and frees Gracie and the two run off.  Helena then kills Henrick with the implantation tools, sets fire to the compound, and runs off with more of “her babies” in a cryogenic container.

Cosima isn’t doing so well, the growths have spread.  Rachel promotes Delphine to Leekie’s job.  Mainly because they need to convince Sarah to let them take Kira’s bone marrow to help Cosima.  Delphine explains all of this to Sarah, and Kira – being Kira – agrees to help her aunt.  Mrs. S. knows some people and they set up the operation away from Dyad and give the marrow to Delphine.

Ethan – with Scott’s help – has started decoding the data on the old disks.  But they are encrypted.  There are separate encryptions for different aspects of the cloning process.  Ethan only wants to help with what’s killing Cosima.  He doesn’t want Dyad to get back in the cloning business.

Rachel – after watching old family videos – studies photos of Sarah.  She calls a Dr. Nealon needing his expertise. 

Rachel had been using Leekie’s office, but when she turns it over to Delphine, she sees an email for Rachel about how Dyad had come to an agreement with Benjamin, who has been helping Mrs. S. in guarding Ethan and Kira.  Delphine goes to the hospital where Kira is resting to warn them.  When Sarah goes out to meet with her, Rachel – disguised as Sarah – sneaks in.  She drugs Felix and then takes Kira. 

Kira wakes up in a room at Dyad with Rachel telling her that was where she grew up as a kid.


Don’t worry, Kira will be fine.  (I think that’s the third or fourth time I’ve said that.  Poor kid.)

This is the last we see of Vic and Angie.  Although, apparently Sarah investigates Beth in the Fourth Season, so hopefully she’ll have a few more run-ins with Angie.  And it would be nice to see what Vic is up to these days.

A note about Alexis, she’s played by Tatiana Maslany’s double.  They use her to help set up shots, and I guess if there are scenes where all you see is the wig.  Maslany is a fantastic actress, but she needs some help from time to time.

One thing I noticed when I reviewed the second and third seasons, is that for the last few episodes I didn’t want to say much, I just wanted to get to the next episode.  And that still holds true even after I’ve seen the next episodes.  I can’t wait until April 14th.

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