Friday, March 25, 2016

Orphan Black Season 2 recap – “Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things”

“Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things”


Alison starts opening up to Vic, eventually telling him what happened with Aynsley.  Vic calls Angie to set up a meeting during Family Day at Rehab.  Angie wants dirt on Alison and Vic wants all his charges dropped.  Alison overhears his call, and she calls Felix to help her out.

Ethan won’t leave without a box of trinkets.  While they search for it, Mrs. S. and Sarah figure on a strategy of divide and conquer.  They eventually find the box, and he eventually shows Mrs. S. that there are some computer disks in a hidden compartment, which he says is data from the project.

Cal discovers that he is being traced, so he dumps all his computer stuff and drives off.  He calls Sarah and they meet up.  He wants the three of them to head off to Iceland.

Cosima starts the full treatment, where stuff is injected into the growths in her uterus.  She later overhears Scott and Delphine talking about the origin of the stem cells, and Cosima demands to know what they aren’t telling her.  Turns out, the source was a tooth Kira lost in her accident last season.  Cosima throws Delphine out of her lab.

Paul reports to Leekie that Sarah hasn’t found Ethan.  Leekie meets with Marion Bowles, a higher up in the organization.  They talk about how Rachel will react to finding her father alive, and how they need to do something about Sarah.

Mrs. S. later shows up at Dyad to meet with Leekie.  She wants to make a deal of Ethan for Kira.  As to divide and conquer, Mrs. S. then sets up a meeting between Rachel and Ethan.

At Rehab, Vic demands to talk to Sarah.  Felix calls her and she comes in and Vic admits he wants her back.  But Felix drugged his tea and Vic passes out.  Before they can clean everything up, Sarah is mistaken for Alison and has to give a speech to the families and role play with Donnie.  Alison and Felix manage to dump Vic where he’s found by Angie.

Donnie then walks in on Alison and Sarah and discovers that they are clones.  He didn’t know.  He had been “hired” in college for this long term sociology study.  Alison tells him that he’s ruined their family, and he doesn’t even know why.

Cosima calls Sarah and tells her about the stem cells.  She and Cal argue about it and Kira hears that Auntie Cosima needs one of her teeth.  One is already loose, so she does the string and doorhandle bit to see if that would help.  She and Sarah leave Cal to return to help Cosima.  Cal gave Kira a phone number to call if she needs him.

Rachel meets with Ethan and learns what happened to her mother.  Rachel confronts Leekie and lets him know that she and Marion are planning to get rid of him.  Since he had raised her for a time, she tells him to run and he might survive.  He leaves Dyad and is followed by a car.  It turns out Donnie is driving.  He threatens Leekie with a gun for screwing up his marriage.  When Donnie quits, he slams the gun on the steering wheel and it goes off killing Leekie.


Poor Vic.  Well, he just had his head smacked against a door frame, Leekie wishes he was that lucky.  Given everything that has happened since, I do wonder what Leekie’s full role in the project was.  I have a suspicion that some information about Leekie will show up in the new season.  We’ll have to see.

There’s also the introduction of Marion, who I don’t know what side she is on.  Bit of a spoiler, I don’t think she shows up in the Third Season, but I hope she does come back.

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