Monday, March 21, 2016

Orphan Black Season 2 recap – “Mingling Its Own Nature With It”

“Mingling Its Own Nature With It”


Sarah, Felix, and Kira are in a field, having slept in a truck.  They need something to eat, but don’t dare use their credit cards.  So Kira and Sarah distract a convenience store guy while Felix steals some stuff. 

Daniel shows up at the house of the dead Birdwatchers, and while he’s there Henrik and Mark show up.  Apparently it was Mark who paid them to turn over Sarah and Kira.  They set the house on fire to cover everything up.

After ditching the truck, Sarah – feeling down for having Kira help steal – takes the two to a remote cabin.  She says she had been in the area before and there are empty cabins all over they could crash in. 

Delphine informs Cosima that a clone Jennifer Fitzsimmons has died of whatever disease Cosima has.  Jennifer had made some videos and Cosima watches them.  The two later do an autopsy on Jennifer finding that the growths throughout her body are “older” in the uterus, possibly indicating the original source and why the clones – normally – can’t have kids.

That night, the owner of the cabin, Cal, comes home and catches Felix.  But it turns out that he and Sarah dated years ago, before she stole his car and a bunch of money.  They wake Kira up who comes downstairs and asks if Cal is her dad.  He is, and won’t send a kid out in the night so he lets them stay, for a bit.  Cal is a computer programmer/hacker type.

Angie poses as someone new to the neighborhood to get closer to Alison.  Alison suspects she’s another monitor.  Later, when she confronts her, Angie admits she’s a cop, but Alison tells her to stay away.

Felix feels out of place at the cabin so he goes back to support Alison on opening night.  And Alison needs help.  With Aynsley’s death, Donnie’s monitoring, Angie, etc., she’s drinking more and popping more pills.  During the musical, she walks off the stage and hurts her arm.

Tom – a local cop – finds the abandoned truck.  He shows up at Cal’s – the two are friends – asking if anything odd is going on.  Cal says no, and Tom accepts that.  Sarah wants to flee, but Cal convinces her to stay, and the two sleep together.

Art goes to the Prolethean farm and starts taking photos.  It appears that Helena is drugged and then she and Henrik are “bound before God,” which is apparently a really creepy marriage.  He then takes her to his lab to harvest her eggs.

Daniel – posing as a detective on a custody case – is poking around town.  Tom stops him and sends him on his way.  Daniel finds Cal’s place, and grabs Kira.  But Sarah manages to free her.  Tom shows up and Daniel kills him.  He then forces Sarah in his car and has her drive off.

Daniel finds the Project Leda photo and asks Sarah where she got it, but she won’t say.  He then calls someone (probably Leekie) about it.  Then someone crashes into the car.


Don’t worry, Kira is fine.  Sarah’s a little banged up, but she’s fine too.

There are a bunch of little scenes, of Angie arguing with Art, Helena and Gracie interacting, things that help flesh the story out, but aren’t major plot elements, which is why this recap seems rather short.

When I was first reviewing this show, I was also reviewing other shows, such as Vikings.  My original review had me saying I had just written up my thoughts on the second season of Vikings and that one of the issues I had was that there were so many individual stories that it was hard to keep track of them all.  I had compared Vikings to War and Peace, whereas Orphan Black – also with plenty of individual stories – was more like Harry Potter, there’s a lot going on, but it’s not as dense.  If that makes any sense.

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