Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Orphan Black Season 2 recap – “Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est”

“Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est”


Rachel returns home to see what Sarah and Helena have done.  With her monitor/bodyguard/guy to do her dirty work dead, she’ll need a new one.  They offer the job to Paul who will report to Leekie as her monitor but will work for Rachel however she sees fit. 

Leekie says Rachel’s being too tough, but she replies she’s only just begun.  Leekie has a stem cell treatment that looks promising, but Rachel has him shut it down.  As long as Sarah is on the loose, Cosima will suffer.

Sarah takes Helena to Felix’s, and has him take her to Art’s.  Art tries to get her to talk about Maggie Chen, and after feeding her she says something about a locker.  She also asks if Sarah knows of “Swan man?” According to Maggie, he created them. 

Cosima is talking to Scott about military genetic patents – it’s his hobby, I guess – when Delphine comes in with a report about a promising stem cell treatment.  Apparently, it was sent to her by accident and was to just be for Leekie.  Cosima is supposed to be getting all the information, so they suspect he’s hiding something from them.

Because Gracie won’t tell her parents what really happened when Helena escaped, they sew her lips shut and lock her in a closet.  At one point Mark shows up with some milk for her with a straw, and kisses her on the cheek.  When she finally relents, her mother tells her that she will help bring Helena back so she can carry the child, or Gracie will carry it.

Rachel sends Paul with Daniel’s gun – the one that killed Tom – to Felix, interrupting his date with Colin.  Paul forces Felix’s hand on the gun so now his prints are on it.  Sarah is going to Felix’s and sees the cop cars.  Paul calls and tells her that if she comes in with Kira and tells what she knows of Project Leda, Rachel will pull the strings to get Felix released.

Cosima and Delphine sneak into Leekie’s office looking for information on the treatment.  But Leekie comes in.  He tells her that the source of the treatment is baby teeth, and that Rachel has forbidden the treatment to Cosima until Sarah comes in.  But he decides to go against Rachel.  He also explains that the lab explosion that killed the Duncan’s destroyed most of their records as well as the original DNA.  They’ve lost track of several synthetic DNA sequences that “make them possible.”

Cal sees Kira drawing a picture of her aunts and how they all look the same, but Kira can tell them apart.

Sarah arrives at Art’s to find that Helena has escaped.  She left a fortune teller with the location of Maggie’s storage locker.  They get to the locker and find that Helena has left on a motorcycle.  They search through a bunch of papers and find a photo marked Swan Man of, Ethan Duncan, alive and well. 

They find that Helena has a sniper rifle, and figure she’s going to kill Rachel, thinking it will help Felix.  They find her bike and Sarah talks her out of killing Rachel, who is in her apartment having sex with Paul, after ordering him around a bit. 

Leekie is giving a preliminary test on Cosima to see if the treatment will work, and she sets him up a meeting with Sarah.  She shows him the photo of Ethan.  Leekie says that if she can get him in, he’ll help out Felix.  And Cosima will get the treatment.  Sarah asks what treatment, and he says she’ll have to tell them.  After she leaves, Paul shows up.  Leekie tells him to follow and report back to him first.  So then Sarah and Helena set out on a road trip to Cold River, the “place of screams.”


Apparently, “Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est” is Latin for “Knowledge itself is power.”

When I first reviewed this, I said that Orphan Black was my second favorite “current” show with Sherlock being my favorite.  But I think that’s flipped.  Part of that may be that there’s three times as much Orphan Black as Sherlock.  Or maybe I’m just so buried in Orphan Black stuff right now, I can’t think straight.

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