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Orphan Black Season 1 recap – “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”

“Endless Forms Most Beautiful”


Sarah ties Helena up in the basement of Mrs. S’s.  When she takes Amelia down to see her, Amelia says she has to talk to her in private, and Sarah tells her about Beth’s place.  Mrs. S. snoops though Amelia’s stuff and finds an old photo of a couple in lab coats with a soldier behind them.  She is spotted doing this by Kira.  In the basement, Helena doesn’t believe Amelia.  The police show up to arrest Sarah, and Helena manages to break free and escape.

Felix is also arrested for misidentifying a corpse.  Art talks to Sarah, playing the recording she made when she went to meet Helena at Maggie’s apartment, about him being the only one she trusted to work things out.  If he promises to protect Kira, she’ll tell him everything.  But before she can, a guy named Daniel comes in saying he’s her lawyer and he gets her and Felix released.

Leekie shows up at Alison’s, offering her a contract.  In it she will agree to yearly medical examinations, in return they will lift her monitor and let her live her own life.  Leekie says that as a show of good faith, her monitor has been lifted.

When Cosima arrives in town, she starts coughing and there is some blood.  Leekie is waiting with another contract.  He wants her to work at Dyad studying herself and her sisters.  As a gesture of good faith, he gives her her DNA sequence.

Daniel takes Sarah to an office building where she finds Paul and meets with Rachel.  Rachel offers Sarah a similar contract and mentions something called Top Side.  She also knows about Kira.

Alison, Sarah, and Felix talk about everything at Felix’s.  Cosima shows up and they further discuss the matter.  Cosima figures she can help them by studying everything from the inside.  Alison decides to take the offer to keep her kids safe, and Sarah and Cosima understand.

Art and Angie finally identify Katja, but since she’s a foreigner that’s now a federal matter.  Art did some digging into Sarah, and found out about Vic.  The two go to see him at some AA type of meeting.  They could take him in for some stolen items, but they want info about Sarah.  So he tells them about her playing housewife in the suburbs.  They go out and see Alison, confusing the matter even more.

Alison sees that Aynsley’s house is for sale.  Aynsley and Chad are getting a divorce and they’re selling the house.  Anysley is packing things up.  Alison demands to hear the truth.  Aynsley doesn’t understand.  They argue and Anysley puts one of Alison’s gifts in the garbage disposal.  But the end of her scarf gets caught, choking her.  Alison goes to shut it off, but doesn’t.  Aynsley dies, and Alison leaves, making sure to wipe down anything she’s touched.

Delphine shows up at Felix’s, and he leaves her and Cosima alone to do science stuff.  Delphine says not to trust Leekie because Cosima can’t find the ID tag Scott found in the data Leekie gave her.  But Delphine knows Cosima’s tag – 324B21 – and they do a search for that in the bit Scott found and manage to decode what the whole tag says.

Amelia shows up at Beth’s, and tries to say that Mrs. S. isn’t who she claims to be.  But “Sarah” wants to know how scientist put babies in her.  And then she stabs Amelia, who pulls off the wig revealing Helena.

Donnie shows up and he and Alison hug things out.  Donnie later goes for a jog, where he meets Leekie and says that everything is back on track.

Sarah shows up at Beth’s and finds all the blood.  Helena calls, telling her to meet.  Sarah finds Amelia just before she dies.  She hands over the photo, which on the back has “Project Leda.” Helena shows up and she and Sarah fight.  Sarah had been dreaming about her birth mother for years, but Helena is angry because she separated them.  In the end, Sarah shoots Helena in the chest.

Alison signs the contract and faxes it in.  Sarah calls Rachel, wanting to make sure that Kira won’t have to live this way.  Rachel promises, so Sarah goes in.  She meets with Paul who tells her that there was a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan, which is what they have on him.  Cosima calls her and tells her that they – and any offspring – were patented. 

Sarah blows off Rachel, who calls someone and says that they know what to do.

Cosima tells Delphine that she is sick and they embrace.

Sarah shows up at Mrs. S’s, to find the place ransacked and Mrs. S. and Kira gone.


So that’s the end of Season One. Don’t worry, Kira is fine.  And spoilers, Helena isn’t dead.

I’ll have my thoughts on this season in a post tomorrow.

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