Thursday, March 24, 2016

Orphan Black Season 2 recap – “To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings”

“To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings”


At Dyad, Cosima’s treatment seems to be working, although she’s somewhat curious about how they managed to find a match.  Then Scott shows up saying he was hired by Leekie.  At first Cosima doesn’t want him there, but he knows that there are clones.  But he doesn’t know that Cosima is one.  He starts working with them and tests the stem cells and discovers that they are likely from a female relative of the clones, maybe a niece or daughter.  He tells Delphine who swears him to secrecy.

In rehab, Alison runs into Vic.  After some annoyance, she starts getting friendly with him.  But Vic is working for Angie trying to get some dirt on Alison.

Felix has been released and is trying to drink himself out of his misery.  Art shows up to make sure he’s okay.

Helena leads Sarah to a church which has files from Cold River Institute, an asylum where “medical” experiments took place.  Sarah goes in and talks her way into looking at the files that the Professor “Peckham” had been looking at.  She also finds that Maggie had been there and had taken some of the files.

Sarah calls Art, who is crashing at Felix’s trying to make sense of everything in Maggie’s locker, and they discover that Duncan had visited Cold River before it closed and had stolen the identity of a boy who died there, Andrew Peckham.

Helena, bored of sitting in the truck, went into a nearby bar where she met Jesse, a tow truck driver.  They hit it off, and start hooking up.  But this other guy steps in and there’s a fight and she’s arrested.

In the bar Paul meets with Mark and they come to a gentleman’s agreement that Paul won’t go after Helena if the Proletheans won’t go after Sarah.

In the police station the men won’t press charges against Helena and her “sister” Gracie comes to see her.  She tells Helena that Sarah wasn’t coming for her and that they can take her back to her babies, so she goes with Mark – who gives her Jesse’s hat – and Gracie.

Sarah leaves the church in time to see Helena getting arrested.  She calls Art and they do a search for an Andrew Peckham.  Sarah goes to his house, but Mrs. S. opens the door.  Apparently, he changed sides years ago and Mrs. S’s people are protecting him in exchange for information on medical experiments on kids.  While he and Sarah talk, Mrs. S. goes out and talks to Paul who had shown up and tells him that he has a choice besides Leekie and Rachel.

Ethan tells Sarah that Project Leda was military until it was shut down by an ethics committee, but Dyad took it over, and that the Neolutionists within Dyad had taken over the project.  He tells her that it was Leekie who had killed his wife and who he’s been hiding from for twenty years.


This is an episode that sets up a lot of stuff.  As such, there’s not much to talk about this episode, we’ll just have to wait for the stuff to come out fully.

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