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Orphan Black Season 1 recap – “Variations Under Domestication”

“Variations Under Domestication”


The next morning Alison checks her spycam and sees that Donnie got up in the middle of the night and left.  She asks where he went and he doesn’t answer.  They’re hosting the monthly neighborhood potluck, but nothing is ready and he’s upset.  They fight a bit, and then when he goes to go out and get ice, she hits him with a golf club.  She takes him to the basement and ties him to a chair.  She demands to know where he went, even dripping some hot glue on his chest.

Paul explains to Sarah that after he left the military he was a private contractor in Afghanistan.  Something happened, and they hold that over him.  He tells her that the medical results go to Olivier, beyond that he doesn’t know.  Sarah then slips out the back.

Sarah calls Cosima and Cosima tells her that Delphine may be her monitor.  Sarah tells her to stay away from her.  Alison calls asking for Sarah’s help.  When Sarah arrives, she finds that Alison has tied Donnie to a chair, blindfolded, and gagged. 

Alison wants to move the potluck, but it’s too late and everyone is showing up, including Aynsley and her husband Chad.  Alison wants Sarah to impersonate her and interrogate Donnie, while she is upstairs at the potluck, which doesn’t go so well.  Sarah calls Felix in to bartend.

Sarah questions Donnie and learns that he was watching cricket during the night.  He’s upset about not having any privacy.

At the party, Alison gets drunk and has some happy pills.  She goes back downstairs and Sarah tells her that since she’s known Donnie since high school, and that Paul is ex-military, Donnie is unlikely to be her monitor.  They figure it has to be one of her neighbors, such as Aynsley.  Alison then falls asleep.

Vic breaks into Felix’s place, and I guess Felix left his computer on as he got a taxi, or something, so Vic goes to Alison’s.  He sees Felix and calls Sarah, and they meet in the bedroom, away from the party.

Paul has been tracking Sarah – either by Beth’s car or phone – and knows she’s at Alison’s.  He grinds up some of Beth’s pills and adds them to a liquor bottle.  He goes to see Olivier saying Beth is suicidal.  He wants to know if he’ll be held accountable if she does something.  Olivier says that as long as she makes her own choices, nothing bad will happen to Paul.

Cosima is friendly towards Delphine, who tells her about a lecture being given by a Dr. Aldous Leekie from the Dyad Institute about neolution, or self-directed evolution.  They go to the lecture, and later talk with Leekie. 

Paul breaks in and finds Alison asleep on the basement couch.  He finds the still tied up Donnie, and sees from the hidden camera that Sarah and Vic are in the bedroom.  He goes up there, saying that Sarah works for him and Vic is screwing things up.  Vic pulls a gun and wants them all to go to the garage. 

The run into Aynsley who talks to Sarah/Alison about how she thinks Chad is cheating on her.  She doesn’t want to put that on Alison because she knows that she and Donnie are having issues.

Vic takes Paul to the garage at gunpoint, but then Paul gets the drop on him.  He loads a nail gun, and questions Vic about Sarah, asking if she has sisters.  At one point Vic tries to leave, but Paul nails his uninjured hand to a chair.  They pry him lose and Sarah tells him not to come back.

Aynsley sees Sarah/Alison and Paul, and Sarah plays it off as if she and Paul were having an affair, and Aynsley figures it’s none of her business.  Paul then wants to see Sarah back home to explain everything.

Donnie tells Alison that he had “cheated” on her in college.  He and the woman had exchanged dirty letters, but then she got sick and he stopped hearing from her.  He says that was what he kept in his locked box.

Sarah meets with Paul and tells him about the clones.  Paul had been about to give her the drugged liquor, but instead he gets the normal stuff and they drink.

Delphine shows up at Leekie’s hotel room.


Poor Donnie and Vic.  Getting your hand nailed to a chair couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. 

The other major character I talked about last episode now introduced is Dr. Leekie.  Of course, he isn’t the last major character to be introduced this season.  You’ll have to wait a few more episodes for that.

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