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Orphan Black Season 2 recap – “By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried”

“By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried”


With Kira kidnapped by Rachel, Sarah decides to surrender herself to Dyad to keep Kira safe.  She goes in and meets with Dr. Nealon and agrees to be impregnated, whatever, to let her be with Kira.

Dr. Nealon also takes over all the stuff with Cosima.  Rachel sends Delphine to Germany, but she manages to send some information to Cosima.

Kira – being a smart girl – steals a phone from a nurse and calls the number Cal gave her and sends him to Mrs. S.  Cal explains that while he dug around on the internet about Dyad, he was contacted by some high placed insider.  So Mrs. S. arranges a meeting between the insider and the military through Paul who has gone back to them.

Helena shows up at Art’s and wants to see Sarah.  Art doesn’t tell her what happened, and just feeds her.  Felix shows up and she tells them her adventures, with some omissions.

Rachel has also taken Ethan into custody.  But he takes his own life – and the key to his clone code – so that all Dyad can do is help Cosima.

Cal’s Insider turns out to be Marion who agrees to help get Sarah and Kira out of Dyad for some information from the military on Project Castor.  Paul and Mrs. S. also make a deal.

Meanwhile, Cosima and Scott A-Team a fire extinguisher to fire a pencil, and hide it in the operating room where Dr. Nealon is planning on taking out one of Sarah’s ovaries.  Scott manages to loosen one of Sarah’s restrains before Rachel comes in.  Cosima had been allowed to visit with Kira and they drew a picture for Sarah with a fire extinguisher.  Rachel shows it to her and demands to know Ethan’s code, which she assumes he had given to her.  When Sarah – honestly – replies she doesn’t know what it is, Rachel smashes the vials of Kira’s bone marrow that was to go to Cosima.  Sarah triggers the fire extinguisher and shoots Rachel in the eye with the pencil.

Sarah escapes the operating room to find Marion with Kira.  She tells Sarah that if she wants to know everything, she needs to see Marion the next day.

There is then a clone party at Felix’s with Sarah, Cosima, Alison, and Helena. The next morning, Sarah leaves for her meeting with Marion.

Helena also sneaks out – after leaving behind her jar of frozen babies – and is kidnapped by some guys, dropping Jesse’s hat.  They take her to the military, which apparently was the deal Mrs. S. made with Paul.

Cosima is not doing well and has a vision of Delphine.  Kira wakes her up to read her a story.  She then brings out the copy of The Island of Dr. Moreau and she sees all the notes he made.

Sarah arrives at Marion’s mansion to discover Charlotte, her eight year old sister who has a leg brace, the only survivor of 400 attempts to recreate the clones.  Marion is her adoptive mother.  Marion is part of Topside, which is a group that is trying to steer the laws and stuff for this grand scifi future.  And for money.

Marion also explains that the military split Project Leda.  Dyad kept the female clones, while the military – with Project Castor – kept the male clones.  Somehow, Marion has one of these male clones – who we later learn is Rudy – who turns out to be a copy of Mark, who just married Gracie.


Don’t worry, Helena will be fine.

The first time I watched this, it felt like I had missed something.  There were ten plots all crammed together.  Which, after thinking about it, I realized was realistic.  And it made you want to watch it again to catch everything.  It I was a bit confused, but it was an intrigued confusion.

I’ll have some thoughts up on the Second Season tomorrow.

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