Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Orphan Black Season 1 recap – “Entangled Bank”

“Entangled Bank”


Art and Angie go to see Mrs. S. to tell her about “Sarah’s” death. 

Paul tells Sarah that they could still go to Rio. 

Alison calls Sarah saying Cosima told her everything, and that she’s taking a break from everything.  Also, she and Donnie are getting a divorce.  Aynsley shows up to water the plants, and she and Alison get a bit testy.

Olivier had told Sarah that there was medical evidence she wasn’t Beth.  Cosima doesn’t believe this, and thinks maybe it was all Sarah fault, especially for turning Helena against Olivier.  They hang up figuring that Cosima had the Neolution Kool-Aid. 

Paul is with Olivier in the hospital.  Paul tells him that he knows who he really is and that he has warrants for him.  Olivier explains that the organization knows and looks the other way.  Paul points out that the cops won’t.  So Paul tells Olivier that he switched the security footage at the club, showing only Helena.  That will be the story Olivier tells Leekie.

Delphine meets with Leekie who tells her that Cosima is in danger and that Delphine needs to get closer.

Helena goes through Sarah’s jacket, and finds a letter from Kira. 

Mrs. S. shows up at Felix’s, and tells them about Art and Angie’s visit.  Sarah doesn’t want to tell her everything just yet. 

Art finds out that “Sarah” is dead, from jumping in front of train.  He and Angie are trying to figure things out when “Beth” shows up.  They show her a photo of Sarah’s mug shot, asking if she knows her.  After a bit of a heated exchange, she leaves and they bag the photo to get her fingerprints.

Alison goes to teach figure skating, but Aynsley insists on teaching to give Alison some time.  Alison leaves and finds Chad smoking pot in the parking lot.  She joins him, and they have sex.  Later, Alison and Aynsley get in a fight in the middle of the street.

Art and Angie go to the morgue and see Colin about Sarah.  After they leave he calls Felix to warn him.  Sarah is leaving his place, when a drunk Alison shows up, saying she can’t go back to her home.  So Sarah and Alison go to Mrs. S., and tell her about the clones.  Mrs. S. realizes that it was Alison who came to visit that one time.

Leekie meets with Olivier and Paul and Olivier tells Paul’s story.  Leekie welcomes Paul to the big picture with the clone issue.  Later a doctor visits Olivier and gives him a shot that kills him, saying it’s from Dr. Leekie.

Delphine shows up at Cosima’s apartment and they reconnect over science.  They geek out over stuff they read about Dyad.  But they start kissing, and then have sex.  Afterwards, Cosima goes out to get them ice cream and Delphine starts digging around, finding all the information Cosima had gathered, including a list of the clones.  She calls Leekie and gives him all the names, except for Kira.  He is interested in Sarah.

Art and Angie visit with Felix.  After they leave, Art tells her that he followed “Beth” there when he took her money.  He also tells her about the call he got of someone saying they needed to talk to him about Beth.  He calls the number back, and they hear Felix’s phone ring.  Angie wants to bring him in, but Art says they need a bit more.

Sarah and Mrs. S. are talking, and Sarah asks her to get in touch with her people in England.  Helena goes to the address on the letters.  Kira lets her in.  She switches coats, and then takes Kira out.  Sarah finds her and runs after them.  Kira and Helena talk, and Kira comforts her.  Helena lets Kira go back home, but when she’s running across the street to Sarah she is hit by a car.


Don’t worry, Kira’s fine.

In my rewatch, I’ve just finished Season Two and really want to go on to Season Three.  So it’s kind of hard for me to think of something to say about this episode without going into future developments.  For reasons I’ll explain, these comments should become more interesting with Season Two.

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