Saturday, March 26, 2016

Orphan Black Season 2 recap – “Variable and Full of Perturbation”

“Variable and Full of Perturbation”


We’re introduced to two criminals who have just been shot up by guys in suits.  One named Sammy is hit and dies, but not before sending the other – Tony – to find Beth (who had contacted him) with a message.  Tony – who used to be Antoinette Zwicky – is a transgender clone.  He calls Beth’s phone and gets Art who sets up a meeting.  Art takes him to Felix to watch over while he checks out his story, but Tony won’t give the message until he knows what’s going on.  Felix eventually calls in Sarah, and they tell him about the clones and he tells them the message, which is that Beth should put her faith in Paul because he’s like Sammy, a “ghost.” Sarah, Felix, and Art then give Tony a clone phone and send him away on a bus to keep him out of danger.

During all of this, Paul has disappeared.  This has Rachel somewhat concerned, possibly even upset.  She tells Delphine that Leekie is dead, a heart attack on a jet. 

At Dyad, Cosima – still angry at Delphine – gets Kira’s tooth and has Scott extract the stem cells.  He tells her that a better solution may be a bone marrow transplant, but Cosima doesn’t want to think about that.

Alison returns home from rehab to find Donnie drunk.  He later tries to leave, and she confesses about Aynsley and Donnie confesses about Leekie, who he still has in the trunk of his car.  Alison starts cleaning everything up.

Cosima walks in on Scott and some other techs playing a game, and she joins in kicking butt.  Then Delphine comes in and they kick Scott and his gang out to make up. 

Rachel, Mrs. S. and Ethan come to an arrangement where he will start working on the clone illness.  When he goes to Dyad he explains to Rachel that the clones were designed to be sterile, which Rachel doesn’t care for.

Cosima tells Scott that she is the clone they have been studying.  He’s honored to meet her.  When Ethan comes into the lab, she starts coughing up blood and goes into convulsions.

Before leaving Mrs. S’s, Ethan gave Kira his copy of The Island of Dr. Moreau, which he had been reading to her.  Later when Kira looks through it, we see that it has a bunch of genetic and chemical stuff scrawled in the margins.


I wasn’t expecting Tony.  In fact, when he first took off his ski mask and I saw the thin beard, I thought it was part of a disguise.  Since the Fourth Season has to do with Beth, I wonder if they might find a way to bring him back.  We’ll see.

When I first saw this, I was worried that Cosima might die, which concerns me since she is my favorite clone.  But – spoilers – she’s in the Fourth Season, still fighting.  I hope they do figure something out to save her.  Again, we’ll see.

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