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Orphan Black Season 2 recap – “Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion”

“Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion”


A cop is at the hospital getting information about this strange woman who was shot and walked in (Helena).  She has no ID and he takes a picture of her.

Art is now in the Clone Club, and has done some work on the Proletheans, who have a farm.  Felix shows up with new, green, clone phones.  Kira calls Felix, and Art traces it to a motel. 

At Aynsley’s funeral, Alison’s neighbors aren’t too happy that she is there.  The exception is Sarah Stubbs, one of her friends from the musical.  While Donnie is taking care of the kids, she reads some of his texts which make her suspect that he is her real monitor.  This gets her to drinking again.

At the Prolethean farm – run by Henrik Johanssen and his wife Bonnie – Henrik and Mark are trying to figure out how to get Helena.  The reason is they figure that since Sarah could have kids, Helena as her twin may also be able to have kids.

Cosima takes the job at Dyad.  Leekie, who doesn’t fully buy that Sarah acted alone, warns her that Rachel takes things personally.  Cosima and Delphine check out their new lab, and start making a list of new equipment.  Rachel comes in and gives Cosima what information they have on Katja.  She also asks Cosima to look over what little they have on Sarah to see why only she could have kids.  Cosima asks to study the original genome, but Rachel says the problems are not from the genes but the cloning process.

Art and Sarah arrive at the motel, but Benjamin and Kira are gone.  As they look around, they see Daniel coming in.  Art goes to talk to him.  We don’t see all of what happens, but Art is later suspended. 

Sarah notices some of Kira’s clothes, and follows them to a car.  Benjamin forces her to get into the trunk.  When they stop, she attacks him before being pulled off by Mrs. S.  Apparently, she took Kira and made the place look like someone had taken them because she knew people were watching the house.

Felix shows up at rehearsal to give Alison her new clone phone.  She tells him what happened to Aynsley and that she thinks Donnie is her monitor.  Felix knows that Dyad is keen on Sarah, so they set a trap.  At home, Alison talks on the phone with Felix that she can’t meet with Sarah.  She then – conspiratorially – sets up a meeting.  Donnie overhears all of it and follows Alison to Aynsley’s grave.  He calls Leekie, saying she is meeting with a Sarah.  But it turns out to be Stubbs.  Leekie hangs up, and Alison spots Donnie, who makes up something and leaves.

Clone Sarah follows Mrs. S. to the “Birdwatchers,” the freedom fighting/smuggling/whatever group she worked with after leaving England.  Sarah remembers some of it.  She is reunited with Kira. 

Angie visits Art.  He doesn’t really talk about what’s going on.  She shows him the photo of Helena.  Art tells her to drop it.  But Angie goes to the hospital anyway, only Mark has taken Helena away.

Back at the farm, Gracie – Henrik and Bonnie’s daughter – doesn’t like Helena, thinking she’s an abomination.  Henrik tells her she’s part of the family now.  Tomas is there, watching over Helena.  Henrik explains that the reason Helena survived being shot in the chest, is that her organs are mirror-reversed, something that can happen with twins.  Tomas thinks it a sign of abomination, but Henrik is more science oriented.

Mrs. S’s plan is to take Kira back to London, where this all started.  Once things settle down, Sarah and Felix could follow.  But Sarah doesn’t like that idea.  Sarah shows her the “Project Leda” photo Amelia gave her, but Mrs. S. says she doesn’t know anything about it.

Later, Sarah goes to put Kira down for a nap before the flight, and Kira tells her how she saw Mrs. S. snooping in Amelia’s stuff and found the photo.  So Sarah decides to sneak out with Kira.  One of the Birdwatchers tries to stop her, and Mrs. S. finds out that there is something funky going on.  She kills the one so that Sarah and Kira can leave, and then goes back to talk to the other one.  Mrs. S. learns that they sold them out to the Proletheans, but they don’t know anything about Project Leda.  Mrs. S. says good, then kills them.

Sarah picks up Felix to run off somewhere.  Alison calls him about Donnie, but he can’t help her.

At the farm, Tomas and Henrik talk, while Mark gets behind Tomas and kills him.


Mrs. S. is a badass. 

When I first saw this, I wasn’t sure where it was going.  Now I can’t believe they went so far. 

At some point, I had heard about this show Sense8, where these eight people around the world become connected and can see and feel what everyone else is doing.  And there are bad guys wanting to kill them all.  I bring this up, because about two weeks ago I decided to finally check it out.  The first season is … okay.  I found it somewhat dull because most of the season is just backstories on all eight characters, of how childhood events made them who they are and stuff like that.  There is very little stuff of the “now” going on, if that makes sense.  Since I was also doing this Orphan Black rewatch, I couldn’t help but compare the shows.  The events of this episode – if written in the Sense8 style – would probably take up two or even three episodes.  There would be a lengthy bit of young Sarah and Felix running around the birdwatchers.  Which would be interesting to get another layer to the characters, but at the same time you’d have to wait another episode for something to happen.  I’m not saying one style of show is better than the other, but I do prefer the Orphan Black style. 

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