Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Orphan Black Season 2 recap – “Governed as It Were by Chance”

“Governed as It Were by Chance”


It was Cal who crashed into Sarah and Daniel.  Sarah is banged up, but okay.  They think Daniel is dead.  Sarah grabs his phone and gun, but Cal points out it was used to kill a cop, so she tosses the gun back into the car.  They cover the car with some branches and flee.  Cal had hidden Kira near his camper that isn’t in his name.  And they take off.  At first Sarah says he shouldn’t be involved, but he points out that Tom was his friend.

Alison wakes up in a strange place with her arm in a sling.  At first she thinks she’s been taken by Leekie, but then a nurse comes in and tells her she’s in rehab.  Felix shows up and says that it may be the best thing for her.  Later, Donnie shows up and tells her that according to their lawyer, if she leaves before the program finishes, she could lose custody of their kids.

Art is still taking photos of the farm, which bother’s Bonnie a bit.  Gracie smothers Helena, but Helena fakes being dead so she leaves.  Helena then knocks out Gracie.  She goes around the barn and finds Henrik’s lab.  She has flashes of what happened to her there.  She then runs away, still in her wedding dress, right past Art.  He manages to slow down Mark and the guys chasing her by asking if they have permits for their guns on public property.

Sarah texts Rachel as Daniel saying that they are returning.  So there should be a few hours before Rachel starts looking for them.  Sarah calls Cosima and tells her everything and shows her the Project Leda photo.  Cosima tells her the legend of Zeus disguising himself as a swan to seduce Queen Leda.  Cosima figures this all must have started as a military project.

Mrs. S. pays a visit to Benjamin, who swears he had nothing to do with the Birdwatchers turning on her.  She wants new papers to go to London to meet Carlton, a former lover and the man who brought her Sarah, but Benjamin knows that he was already in town.  Mrs. S. gets together with him, and she asks to meet with someone because she knows what Sarah is and if Sarah keeps digging, a “world of shit” will come out.

Knowing that Mrs. S. is hiding something, Sarah decides to go back to the city.  She leaves Kira with Cal in the camper and goes to search Mrs. S’s house with Felix.  They find a newspaper clipping of a lab accident that killed some scientists.  Two of them are Ethan and Susan Duncan, who match the scientists in the photo and are likely Rachel’s adoptive parents.  Felix takes all of this to Cosima, while Sarah – who using Daniel’s phone knew that Rachel would be gone until the morning – decides to break into Rachel’s hotel suite.  Unknown to them is that Helena had been hiding in the closet.

Sarah pretends to be Rachel on the phone to have the concierge go into her suite to set the temperature and all that.  Sarah sneaks in behind him.  Cosima calls saying she’s looked up the Duncan’s and goes on this theory that Rachel was probably raised to be a dispassionate business being.  But Sarah finds old family tapes showing a young Rachel playing with her parents.

Daniel – who wasn’t dead – then shows up.  He is Rachel’s monitor/boyfriend.  He calls Leekie telling him he’ll get Sarah.  He finds Sarah and captures her.  He starts torturing her to find out what she knows about Project Leda and because he wants to.  But then Helena comes in and kills him.  Sarah is ... terrified, confused, shocked, and a few other emotions by Helena in her bloody wedding dress. 

The episode ends with Henrik showing that one of Helena’s eggs has divided.


When I rewatched this episode I realized that Helena is most interesting when she is covered in blood.  In the first season there’s when Sarah stabs her with the rebar, this season she’s in a bloody wedding dress, and there’s a great scene in the Third Season.

When I first reviewed this, I was curious who would be having Helena’s baby.  I wondered if it would be Gracie and if she would be given a choice, or would they just drug her and impregnate her.  It is a crazy cult, after all.  I thought it would be interesting to see how Gracie felt about all this given how much she disliked Helena.  Silly me thinking this show would do something that simple.

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