Friday, March 18, 2016

Orphan Black Season 1 Overview

Rewatching this season was a joy.  However, writing up my thoughts on each episode was a bit of a pain.  For the first two episodes, I watched them then wrote up my thoughts, checking a few things online.  But since I know the story so well, it was hard for me to remember if one scene happened before another, or if two things were said in the same conversation or not. 

For the third and fourth episodes, I would watch them for a few minutes, then pause to type up a brief version of what happened.  At the end, I went back and just fleshed my outline out a bit.  But part of why I’m doing this is because I enjoy the show, and I didn’t want to have to pause the episode every couple of minutes to go type up my notes.  Also, I’m watching this on my laptop and also typing things up on my laptop.  And switching back and forth with the programs was getting annoying.

For the fifth episode, I was in a bad mood so I just watched it straight through.  The next day I just had it playing in the background and I typed things up as they happened.  Then, since I was still having a bad day, I watched the rest of the season.  I then took a few days to play the episodes in the back while I typed things up. 

Fortunately, I already have notes for Seasons Two and Three.  Unfortunately, when I first did this for Season Two I had only brief descriptions.  At the time I didn’t want to have a full recap of the episodes, but as things got complicated I figured that was the only way to keep things straight.  So there will be a few more episodes where – after rewatching them – I’ll have them play in the background while I flesh out my descriptions.  But eventually I’ll be able to just watch an episode and do a quick revision, then move on to the next.  I’m writing these up early and scheduling them to post, so by the time this post is up, I’ll probably be halfway through the Third Season, or maybe even finished.

What will also be interesting with my new recaps of Seasons Two and Three, is that I’ll have my thoughts on the episodes right after watching them.  I haven’t looked at these pretty much since they were posted, and I’m curious to see if things went where I expected them to.  Off hand, I’ll say probably not.  Not remembering what I originally thought the first time I watched Season One is the main reason my comments for those episodes were pretty bare. 

As to my overall thoughts on the first season, it is a pretty solid show.  As I’ve said, it took three or four episodes to fully hook me, but once it did it kept me.  There are a few issues relating to this season, especially some things that come out of nowhere in the beginning of the next season, but overall it is a great foundation to a great series. 

Here are the links to my reviews for each episode of Season One.

Entangled Bank  
Endless Forms Most Beautiful  

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